Length of Like a Dragon Ishin Game

This guide provides information on the approximate time it takes to complete the main storyline and achieve 100% completion in Like a Dragon Ishin, including the Completion List, platinum trophy, Substories, activities, and minigames.

Completing Like a Dragon Ishin can take over 100 hours, making it a long and extensive game. This page offers detailed information about the length of the game, including the main storyline and activities required to complete the Completion List.

  • First Playthrough
  • 100% Completion and Platinum Trophy

First Playthrough

The first playthrough of Like a Dragon Ishin can take around 35-40 hours, assuming that you don’t ignore the optional content, but also don’t want to spend too much time completing all Substories or minigames. Rushing through the main story can be challenging due to numerous and difficult boss fights.

It’s important to develop Ryoma’s combat capabilities by completing Substories or optional fights, as it can make defeating challenging bosses easier.

100% Completion and Platinum Trophy

Completing all activities required for 100% completion can take over 100 hours, and the same amount of time is needed to obtain the platinum trophy. The Legend difficulty level is available right away, but one of the trophies requires completing the game in 100 percent.

The most time-consuming optional activities are Battle Dungeons (level 99 required) and crafting. Crafting all available equipment requires obtaining 206 crafting materials, including some rare ingredients that may require completing numerous optional fights.


What is the average game length of Like a Dragon Ishin?

The average game length of Like a Dragon Ishin is around 40-50 hours. However, this can vary depending on the player’s playstyle and how much time they spend exploring the game’s open world and completing side quests. Some players have reported completing the main story in as little as 30 hours, while others have spent over 60 hours completing everything the game has to offer.

Is there any post-game content in Like a Dragon Ishin?

Yes, there is post-game content available in Like a Dragon Ishin. After completing the main story, players can continue to explore the game’s open world and complete any remaining side quests. There are also additional challenges and bosses to defeat, as well as new game plus mode that allows players to start a new game with their existing character and items. Additionally, the game’s DLC adds even more content to the game, including new story missions, characters, and items.

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