Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo

If you’re playing Like a Dragon: Ishin and want to discover all the hidden secrets and activities, our interactive map of Kyo City will help. We’ve marked locations for Substories, martial arts masters, mini-games, loot containers, shrines, friendly NPCs (Bonds) and fast travel points to make your exploration easier.

This page of the Like a Dragon: Ishin guide features a detailed interactive map of Kyo – the game’s largest city, which includes six different districts: Fushimi, Mukurogai, Rakugai, Rakunai, Mibu and Gion. The map highlights the starting points for Substories, loot containers, mini-games, martial arts masters’ homes, restaurants, stores, and friendly NPCs (Bonds) that you can bond with.

You’ll also find an interactive map of Tosa – the first chapter location – in our guide.

  • Substories
  • Training
  • Bond
  • Fast Travel
  • Restaurant
  • Store
  • Minigames
  • Story-Related
  • Shrine
  • Loot Container
  • Well


Kyo has dozens of side quests that you can start and complete. The starting points for these Substories are marked on the map.


While exploring Kyo, you’ll discover martial arts masters and training locations. These locations will help you acquire new skills and improve your fighting abilities.


You can also bond with selected friendly NPCs while in Kyo. The map highlights the locations where they appear, and you’ll learn how to start each relationship.

Fast Travel

Fast travel is available in Kyo to help you move around the city more efficiently. The map shows the locations of Boatmen Palanquin Ride stations.


Kyo has a variety of restaurants where you can order drinks and meals. Each restaurant has a unique menu.


You’ll find many different stores in Kyo where you can purchase new weapons and equipment, meds, or crafting materials to help you progress in the game.


Kyo has several minigames available, including karaoke, a dance game, and chicken races. Participating in these minigames can help you complete challenges and sometimes win prizes.


Blue locations on the map in Kyo are related to story progress. Ryoma can visit them only after reaching a particular level.


Kyo has both smaller and larger shrines where you can exchange Virtue, pray, and use Storage to place or take items from your inventory.

Loot Container

You can find and open containers marked with O. These containers contain random loot that is renewed regularly.


Kyo also has interactive wells where you can interact to obtain random loot consisting of several items.



What is Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo?

Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo is a video game that was released exclusively in Japan in 2014. It is part of the Yakuza series, which is known for its open-world gameplay and intricate storylines. Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo takes place during the Meiji Restoration in Japan, and follows the story of a former samurai named Sakamoto Ryoma as he navigates the political and social changes of the time. It features a new combat system, as well as mini-games and side quests that are unique to the game.


What platforms is Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo available on?

Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo was originally released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles in Japan. As of 2021, it has not been released outside of Japan, and there are no plans to bring it to other platforms. However, fans of the Yakuza series can still enjoy other games in the series on a variety of platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


Can I play Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo if I don’t understand Japanese?

While it is technically possible to play Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo without understanding Japanese, it will be a much more difficult experience. The game features a lot of dialogue and text that is essential to understanding the story and completing quests. Without a strong command of the Japanese language, you will likely miss out on a lot of the game’s nuances. However, there are fan-made translations available online that can help non-Japanese speakers enjoy the game to some extent.


How does Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo compare to other games in the Yakuza series?

Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo is similar to other games in the Yakuza series in terms of gameplay mechanics and open-world exploration. However, it is unique in that it takes place in a different time period and features a new cast of characters. The combat system is also different from other Yakuza games, with a greater emphasis on swordplay and samurai-style fighting. Some fans consider Like a Dragon Ishin: Map – Kyo to be one of the best games in the series, while others prefer the more modern settings and characters of other Yakuza games.

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