List of All Curses in Cult of the Lamb

When you face enemies in Cult of the Lamb, you can use Curses, which are special attacks with different effects. In this game guide, we will talk about all the curses, their descriptions, and how to unlock them.

In this part of the guide, we provide a complete list of curses with their unlocking methods. We also explain how each curse works and suggest the most effective ones.

  • What are Curses?
  • How to Unlock Curses?
  • Fireballs
  • Blasts
  • Slashes
  • Tentacles
  • Splatters

What are Curses?

Curses are special attacks that you can use during your crusades. To use them, you need Fervor, which you gain by defeating enemies or from random chests.

At the start of each crusade, you will receive one random Curse. You have no control over which curse you get, but there is a chance that you can swap them for another power during exploration.

Curses are categorized into five types based on their effects:

  1. Fireballs – Fire projectiles that damage enemies and inflict status effects.
  2. Tentacles – Tentacles grow from the ground and damage opponents in multiple directions, sometimes causing additional negative effects.
  3. Blasts – Explosions that cause area damage and inflict negative effects on enemies or positive effects on your character.
  4. Slashes – Cuts that deal damage based on the attack’s charge level.
  5. Splatters – Splashes that create a poisonous substance on the ground to harm enemies. To use this curse, aim by holding down the button that activates the Curse and select the desired area.

How to Unlock Curses?

You start the game with access to ten Curses, but as your cult grows, you can unlock fifteen more. You can unlock them on the development tree by earning enough Faith points after completing the Sermon at the Temple.

Blank – A powerful projectile that inflicts high damage to a single enemy.

  • Acid Rain – a curse that creates a rain of acid that damages all enemies in the area of operation.
  • Contamination – A projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, infects them with a disease that deals damage over time.
  • Plague Carrier – A projectile that, upon hitting an enemy, releases a swarm of insects that attack all nearby enemies.
  • Summary

    The game offers a variety of curses that players can use to defeat enemies. Fireballs, Blasts, Slashes, Tentacles, and Splatters each have their own unique curses that can be used strategically in different situations. From inflicting damage to repelling and poisoning enemies, players have various options to choose from to defeat their opponents.

    The Corruption spell functions similarly to the Ichor Thrown spell, but when it hits the ground, it creates an explosion that damages enemies. The Path of Righteous spell creates a long trail of poison that poisons enemies, making it an effective trap. The Call of the Crown spell is a projectile that possesses the opponents it hits, causing them to fight on your side temporarily. Lastly, the Ichor by Consuming spell creates a projectile that leaves behind a poisonous ooze that spreads over time.



    What are curses in Cult of the Lamb?

    Curses are negative effects that can be inflicted on the player’s character in Cult of the Lamb. They can range from reducing health and mana to making enemies more difficult to defeat. Curses are obtained by opening cursed chests found throughout the game or by angering certain NPCs. Some curses can be removed by finding a blessing, while others require the player to complete specific tasks.


    What is the list of all curses in Cult of the Lamb?

    There is currently no official list of all curses in Cult of the Lamb, as the game is still in development. However, some of the known curses include: Curse of the Vampiric, which drains the player’s health over time; Curse of the Blinding, which reduces visibility; and Curse of the Haunted, which spawns ghosts that attack the player. As the game continues to be developed, more curses may be added or changed.

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