List of all Keys in the Coast Caves of Gloomwood

If you want to explore the locked passages in the Coast Caves of Gloomwood, you need to find the keys. Our guide will help you locate these secret items and explain their use.

Among the stages of Gloomwood, the mines in the Coast Caves area have keys that unlock new passages. Our guide provides a list of the keys’ locations and where you can use them.

  • Mines Generator Key
  • Mines Storage Key

Mines Generator Key

You can find this key early on in the caves. Once you reach the first Phonograph, the key will be on the table right next to the device.

The Mines Generator Key unlocks the previously locked Generator Room. You must use this key and turn off the generator to get past the electrified gate in the first cavern.

Mines Storage Key

Unlike the mandatory Mines Generator Key, you do not need to acquire this key. However, it can be helpful in your exploration of the area.

To find this key, you will need to make your way through the area filled with mutated dogs. Once you reach the cave shown in picture 1, look for the corpse shown in picture 2. The key will be next to it.

After finding the key, look for a nearby side path that leads to a locked door. Use the key to unlock a loot stash.



What is Gloomwood?

Gloomwood is a first-person survival horror game set in a Victorian-era city where players must navigate through dark and dangerous environments while avoiding monsters and solving puzzles. The game features challenging gameplay and a haunting atmosphere that will keep players on the edge of their seats.


What are the Keys in Coast Caves?

The Keys in Coast Caves are a set of items that players must collect in Gloomwood in order to progress through the game. There are a total of six keys to find, each hidden in a different location within the Coast Caves area. Players must explore the caves and solve puzzles to locate each key and unlock new areas of the game.


Where can I find a list of all the Keys in Coast Caves?

A list of all the Keys in Coast Caves can be found online on various gaming websites and forums. Players can also consult walkthroughs or guides for Gloomwood to locate the keys and progress through the game. Some players may prefer to search for the keys on their own, however, in order to fully immerse themselves in the game’s challenging and atmospheric gameplay.

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