List of Traders in NieR Automata

This guide provides a comprehensive list of all the traders in NieR Automata, along with details on where to buy the best items in the game.

The traders in NieR Automata can be found all over the game world. This guide explains where to locate them, what kind of goods they offer, and any prerequisites needed to trade with them.

  • Key Information About Traders
  • Resistance Camp Traders
  • City Ruins Traders
  • Desert Zone Traders
  • Amusement Park Traders
  • Machine Village Traders
  • Forest Zone Traders
  • Forest Castle Traders
  • Bunker Traders

Key Information About Traders

In NieR Automata, traders are scattered throughout the game world and not all of them are available immediately. Some traders may require you to progress through the story or reach a certain location before they become available. Additionally, the stock of some traders can change as you progress through the game, resulting in new items for sale.

Traders offer different types of goods, ranging from chips to weapons. Some may specialize in a particular field and offer higher quality items. It’s important to note that selling unique objects or crafting ingredients is not recommended as they may be needed later in the game. It’s better to sell common items first and keep the unique ones.

Some traders offer additional services such as upgrading weapons or pods, or combining chips. It’s wise to use these services to improve your equipment and make your character more effective in battles.

Resistance Camp Traders

The Supply Trader is available from the start of the game and offers healing items, chips, and animal bait and sachet. You can complete their side quest to progress further in the storyline.

The Weapons Trader sells unique melee weapons but requires you to complete their side quest in Chapter 2 before you can use their services. They can upgrade your weapons up to Level 3.

The Maintenance Shop Owner is available from the start of the game and offers repair services for your weapons and pods.

The Maintenance Shop Owner offers a range of pod programs and storage slots that allow you to install more chips. These items are essential, and it’s advisable to save up gold early in the game to purchase them all. You can also upgrade pods and merge your chips. Devola and Popola are twins who show up in the camp during Chapter 8 of Route A, and their inventory becomes available in Chapter 9. They sell unique melee weapons, rare chips, and various consumables. Emil is a distinctive trader in the game who appears in various parts of the ruins from Chapter 7 onwards. You have to shoot him to make him stop, and his stock varies depending on his location. The Supply Trader, found in the Desert Camp on the border of the City Ruins and the Desert Zone, sells healing items and other consumables, chips (mostly lower quality ones), and animal bait and sachet. The Shopkeeper Machine, located at the Amusement Park, sells various crafting ingredients, and its stock expands to include rarer ingredients later in the game. The Tool Shop Machine and Weapons Trader Machine, both found in the Machine Village from Chapter 5, sell healing items, consumables, chips (mostly lower quality ones), and unique melee weapons. The Weapons Trader Machine can also upgrade your weapons to Level 3. Pascal appears in the village as a trader after you choose to erase this machine’s memory during Route C/D and stocks the Machine Heads unique weapon and rare crafting components. The Canyon Machine is a machine that gives you the Lord of the Valley side quest that starts in the forest ravine. You must complete this quest to unlock the trade option, and the machine sells good quality chips from Level 0 up to and including Level 5.

The Resistance Supply Trader can be found in the forest camp after completing the Camp Development side quest, which requires assisting the rebels in establishing a base camp. This quest becomes available in Chapter 7 of the game.

The Resistance Supply Trader offers various items, including healing items, chips (mostly lower quality ones), animal bait, and sachet.

Forest Castle traders

Forest Blacksmith Masamune can be found in a safe house within the castle grounds. The process of reaching this blacksmith is described in detail on the “Level four weapons – how to get?” page. Masamune’s base becomes available in Chapter 6 of Route A.

Masamune sells unique melee weapons, which are the same as those available from the Weapons Trader Machine in Machine Village. Additionally, they are the only blacksmith capable of upgrading weapons to level 4, which is necessary to unlock unique passive features and gain certain trophies.

Bunker traders

The Terminal is located in one of the bunker cabins and can be accessed after completing the game’s prologue. As you progress through the game, the Terminal’s stock will expand, allowing you to purchase healing items, consumables, and chips.

The Maintenance Shop Owner is a trader who appears in the bunker during Route B. They can be found in one of the larger storage rooms. This trader offers pod programs, storage slots, and chip fusing services to upgrade pods and fuse chips.


What is NieR Automata?

NieR Automata is an action role-playing video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players control androids from the YoRHa units, who are trying to reclaim the planet Earth from machines that have taken over. The game features multiple endings and a unique storyline that is told from the perspective of different characters. Players can customize their gameplay experience by choosing different weapons and upgrades, and can even engage in aerial combat. NieR Automata has received critical acclaim for its storytelling, gameplay, and music.

Who are the traders in NieR Automata?

The traders in NieR Automata are a group of merchants that players can buy and sell items from throughout the game. There are a total of six traders in the game, each with their own unique inventory and specialty. The traders can be found in different locations throughout the game, such as the Resistance Camp and the Amusement Park. Players can trade with the traders using different currencies, such as gold and machine parts, and can even upgrade their weapons and items using rare materials. The traders play an important role in the game, as they provide players with essential items and upgrades that can help them in their journey to defeat the machines and reclaim the Earth.

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