List of Wandering Merchants in Lost Ark

Discover the whereabouts of Wandering Merchants on the continents of Lost Ark.

Get to know the locations where Wandering Merchants can be found on this page of the Lost Ark tutorial.

  • Merchant Schedules
  • Ben – Rethramis
  • Lucas – Yudia
  • Malone – West Luterra
  • Morris – East Luterra
  • Burt – East Luterra
  • Oliver – Tortoyk
  • Mac – Anikka
  • Nox – Arthetine
  • Peter – North Vern
  • Jeffrey – Shushire
  • Aricer – Rohendel
  • Yorn – Lattir
  • Feiton – Dorella
  • Punika – Rayni

Merchant Schedules

Wandering Merchants appear 30 minutes after the hour, and are available for 25 minutes. There’s only one merchant per continent (that is, 14 different merchants), operating under one of three schedules. Please note that the times provided are for the CET time zone.

Schedule 1: 1:30, 4:30, 5:30, 7:30, 8:30, 11:30 (AM and PM)

  1. Lucas in Yudia
  2. Morris in East Luterra
  3. Mac at Anikka
  4. Jeffrey in Shushire
  5. Dorella in Feiton

Schedule 2: 12:30, 2:30, 5:30, 6:30, 8:30, 9:30 (AM and PM)

  1. Malone West Luterra
  2. Burt in East Luterra
  3. Oliver in Tortoyk
  4. Nox in Arthetine
  5. Aricer in Rohendel
  6. Rayni in Punika

Schedule 3: 12:30, 3:30, 4:30, 6:30, 7:30, 10:30 (AM and PM)

  1. Ben in Rethramis
  2. Peter in North Vern
  3. Laitir in Yorn

Each merchant has one item of a certain type from the pool of items listed in the tables below. They are available at the same time on each channel.

Ben – Rethramis

Available Locations/Triports

  1. Loghill (Loghill Outpost),
  2. Ankumo Mountain (Border Watch),
  3. Rethramis Border (Regria Monastery).

Rapport gifts

  1. Fancier Bouquet
  2. Prideholme Potato
  3. Rethramis Holy Water
  4. Surprise Chest


  1. Prideholme Neria Card
  2. Varut Card
  3. Siera Card

Lucas – Yudia

Available Locations/Triports

  1. Saland Hill (Salt Works),
  2. Saland Hill (Nomad Camp),
  3. Ozhorn Hill (Ozhorn Assembly Area).

Rapport gifts

  1. Yudia Spellbook
  2. Yudia Natural Salt
  3. Sky Reflection Oil


  1. Giant Worm Card
  2. Morina Card
  3. Thunder Card

Malone – West Luterra

Available Locations/Triports

  1. Mount Zagoras (Zagoras Fortress),

  1. Lakebar (Lakebar Village) – the merchant icon is located north of the village,
  2. Medrick Monastery (Medrick Monastery),
  3. Bilbrin Forest (Spring Refugee Outpost),
  4. Battleground Plains (Front Outpost).

Rapport gifts

  1. Black Rose
  2. Lakebar Tomato Juice
  3. Stalwart Cage
  4. Chain War Chronicles


  1. Berhart Card
  2. Cadogan Card
  3. Cassleford Card

Recipe ingredients

  1. For Hairplant, go to Dyroika Plain (Bishu Manor), Sunbright Hill (Pumpkin Farm) – the merchant to the west, next to the blacksmith, Flowering Orchard – Deier Village – north of the Triport, to the left of the blacksmith.
  2. For Azenaporium Brooch, Dyorika Straw Hat, Model of Luterra’s Sword, and Chain War Chronicles, go to East Luterra – Morris.
  3. For Brinewt Card, Morpheo Card, Meehan Card, and Thunder Wings Card, also go to East Luterra – Morris.
  4. For Hot Chocolate Coffee, go to East Luterra – Burt at Blackrose Chapel (Styxia Village), Leyar Terrace – southeast of the Tamir Village location on the south, Borea’s Domain (Borea Castle), or Croconys Seashore (Black Fox Assembly Area).
  5. For Mokoko Carrot, Oversized Ladybug Doll, Round Glass Piece, Shy Wind Flower Pollen, Egg of Creation Card, Eolh Card, and Mokamoka Card, go to Tortoyk – Oliver at Seaswept Woods (Cashew Tree Forest), Sweetwater Woods (Sweet Fruit Forest), Skyreach Steppe (Thumb Shores), or Forest of Giants (Tortoyk’s Arm).
  6. For Tournament Entrance Stamp and Angler’s Fishing Pole, go to Anikka – Mac at Delphi Township (Market District), Rattan Hill (Cold Haunted House), Melody Forest (Ascetic Temple) – near the potion merchant, Twilight Mists (Cloud Valley), or Prisma Valley – north of Beacon Point (no Triport).
  7. For Fine Gramophone and Energy X7 Capsule, go to Arthetine – Nox at Arid Path (Lupen Port), Scraplands (Guard Post), Nebelhorn (Nebelhorn Lab), Windbringer Hill (Guard Post), Totrich (Clockwork Square), or Riza Falls (Whirpool Observatory).
  8. For Bergstrom Card, Stern Neria Card, and Krause Card, also go to Arthetine – Nox.
  9. For Adrenaline-boosting Fluid, Exquisite Music Box, Goblin Yam, Magick Cloth, Magick Crystal, Queen’s Knights Application, and Vern’s Founding Coin, go to North Vern – Peter at any of the available locations or Triports.

Rapport gifts, cards, and recipe ingredients can be found at various locations throughout the game world, with specific items available at specific locations and from specific merchants or NPCs.

The following are the available locations and rapport gifts for each of the Triports in the game:

Port Kron (Central Port) – located east of Triport and near the Storage Keeper.

Parna Forest (Parna’s Sanctum).

Fesnar Highland – found to the north and near the upper border of the Barrier Trail.

Vernese Forest – situated southeast of Triport.

Balankar Mountain (Lighthouse Village).

Rapport gifts include Adrenaline-boosting Fluid, Exquisite Music Box, Goblin Yam, Magick Cloth, Magick Crystal, Queen’s Knights Application, and Vern’s Founding Coin.

Cards available are Payla Card, Gideon Card, and Thar Card.

Shushire – Jeffrey has the following available locations: Frozen Sea (Shadow Market), Bitterwind Hill (Bitterwind Hill Post), Iceblood Plateau (Graymoon Camp), Lake Eternity (Lakeside Fishing Spot), and Icewing Heights (Gray Wolves Camp).

Rapport gifts include Shimmering Essence and Sirius’s Holy Book.

Cards available are Javern Card, Sian Card, and Madnick Card.

The recipe ingredient available is Sapphire Sardine.

Rohendel – Aricer has the following available locations: Lake Shiverwave (Fairy Settlement – northeast of Triport), Glass Lotus Lake (Foehn Plains), Breezesome Brae (west of the Fairy Village), Xeneela Ruins (north of the Contaminated Village), and Elzowin’s Shade (south of East Stardust Forest, by the “roundabout” in the middle of the map).

Rapport gifts include Danube’s Earrings, Elemental’s Feather, Soundstone of Dawn, and Sylvain Queens’ Blessing.

Cards available are Alifer Card, Lenora Card, and Gnosis Card.

The recipe ingredient available is Pit-A-Pat Macaron.

Lattir – Yorn has the following available locations: Yorn’s Cradle (south of the Organized Loading Point), Unfinished Garden (Youthful Garden), Black Anvil Mine (west of the Sleepy Shelter), Iron Hammer Mine (Radian Gold Mine, near the blacksmith), and Hall of Promise (Library Obscura).

Rapport gifts include Piyer’s Secret Textbook and Fargar’s Beer.

Cards available are Great Castle Neria Card, Piyer, and Kaysarr.

The recipe ingredient available is Back Alley Rum.

Dorella – Feiton’s only available location is Kalaya, which is in the center of town at the Portal Statue.

Rapport gifts include Dessicated Wooden Statue, Broken Dagger, Book of Survival, and Red Moon’s Tears.

Cards available are Goulding Card, Levi, and Kaldor.

The recipe ingredient available is Blood Pudding Chunk.

Rayni – Punika has the following available locations: Tideshelf Path (Mellow Beach, at the very north), Starsand Beach (north of Starlight Shelter), Tikatika Colony (Militia Camp), and Secret Forest (on the second escarpment west of Forlorn Swamps).

Rapport gifts include Pinata Crafting Set, Hollowfruit, Rainbow Tikatika Flower, and Oreha Viewing Stone.

Cards available are Seto Card, Stella, Cicerra, and Albion.

The recipe ingredient available is Blood Pudding Chunk.



What is Lost Ark: Wandering Merchants?

Lost Ark: Wandering Merchants is a new feature added to the popular MMORPG game Lost Ark. It allows players to purchase various items and resources from merchants that appear randomly in the game world. The items sold by these merchants range from weapons and armor to crafting materials and consumables.


How often do the wandering merchants appear?

The wandering merchants appear randomly in the game world, and there is no set schedule for their appearance. However, they tend to spawn more frequently in areas with high player traffic and activity. It is recommended that players explore different areas of the game world and keep an eye out for the merchants.


Can I sell items to the wandering merchants?

No, players cannot sell items to the wandering merchants. They can only purchase items from them using gold or other in-game currencies. However, players can sell items to regular merchants and vendors in the game world.


What kind of items can I buy from the wandering merchants?

The wandering merchants sell a variety of items, including weapons, armor, crafting materials, and consumables. Some of the rare items that can be purchased from them include legendary weapons and armor, as well as rare crafting materials needed for high-level crafting recipes.


Are the items sold by the wandering merchants worth the price?

It depends on the player’s individual needs and priorities. Some of the rare items sold by the wandering merchants can be difficult to obtain through other means, making them valuable for certain players. However, the prices of these items can be quite high, so players should consider their budget and priorities before making a purchase.

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