Lost Ark: Chaos Dungeons

This page of the Lost Ark guide will explain what Chaos Dungeons are, which is one of the endgame activities.

The following page will describe what Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark are, how and when to access them, and what the gameplay is like.

  • What are Chaos Dungeons?
  • Conditions to Participate in Chaos Dungeons
  • Rules and Gameplay
  • Tips
  • Rewards in Chaos Dungeons

What are Chaos Dungeons?

Chaos Dungeons are one of the activities available after reaching level 50 and 250 ilvl. Matches can be played in teams of up to four players or solo. In these Dungeons, the player’s task is to eliminate groups of enemies and bosses (PvE).

Most times, going solo may be a faster way to complete them because the monsters are weaker. However, rewards are the same for solo and party games.

You can start the game by finding a statue in any of the major cities and interacting with it.

Conditions to Participate in Chaos Dungeons

To enter the arena, you must first meet two conditions: complete the indicated story quest (usually of the main story on a given continent to which Chaos Dungeon levels are assigned) and possess the indicated ilvl. The third condition is to have the Aura of Resonance (though it is not required on lower levels). Its maximum level is 100, and a single Dungeon entry consumes 50 of it, allowing for two visits per day. Aura regenerates daily at 11 (server time).

If you enter Chaos Dungeons without having Aura of Resonance, you will receive Disorder Crystals and Perception Shards instead of standard rewards. You can exchange them at the trader near Chaos Dungeons for low-value rewards.

Chaos Dungeons have a Rest Bonus feature – if you save Aura of Resonance in one day, a part of it will be stored in Rest Bonus. You get 100 points per day, and you spend 50 to enter the Dungeon. You receive 10 points for each unused entry. Rest Bonus. If it is higher than 20, it will be consumed at the Dungeon entrance and influence the number of rewards you will get. Thanks to this, you can visit the Dungeon less frequently without worrying about losing rewards and character development. However, remember that if the Rest Bonus goes over 100, it will not go higher and be lost. Also, daily taking part in events is more beneficial than saving Rest Bonus.

Rules and Gameplay

In the arena, the player’s task is to eliminate hordes of enemies. This is the easiest of the challenges because there are no restrictions: you can use healing, resurrect, there is no time limit, and you don’t have to be the best in the team. The gameplay is quite chaotic, and long-range spells work well here – enemies are often weaker than ones you encounter on the continent.

The Purification gauge visible on the left fills up as you progress in eliminating enemies. When it gets full, you complete the level. Every five minutes, the arena will change – you can immediately move further as soon as you see the portal. It’s not worth killing the remaining monsters.


For those starting the Chaos Dungeons, here are some tips:

Chaos Dungeon is less strict compared to other events, so using Battle Items and expensive HP Potions is not necessary. If you die, resurrect at the nearest checkpoint without using Phoenix Plume. The pace doesn’t matter, eliminate opponents carefully and collect drops. It’s better to do challenges alone in multiplayer games because others may rush you. The dungeon has 3 levels, and each has a 5-minute limit. It’s crucial to defeat mini-bosses and Elite units to fill up the Purification gauge quickly.

Defeating a boss on the second level can lead to a bonus area where you may receive additional Honing materials, accessories, and gold (or silver), but it’s random.

Eliminating enemies during and after the event rewards you with Gear and Accessories, Honing Materials, Ability Stones, and Engraving Recipe. You may also win an Entrance Ticket, which allows you to enter the Cube arena and the following stages: Hall of Silence/Hall of Sun.

If your party splits up, explore the arena before moving on to the next one because the items from defeated enemies may be there.


1. What are Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark?

Chaos Dungeons are special dungeons in Lost Ark that are designed to challenge players with difficult enemies and bosses. These dungeons require a high level of skill and coordination to complete, and offer some of the best rewards in the game. Players can enter Chaos Dungeons by using Chaos Keys, which can be obtained by completing various activities in the game.

2. How many Chaos Dungeons are there in Lost Ark?

Currently, there are four Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark: Chaos Tower, Chaos Moonlight, Chaos Caverns, and Chaos Castle. Each dungeon has its own unique challenges and rewards, and requires a different strategy to complete. Players can choose which dungeon they want to tackle based on their own strengths and preferences.

3. What kind of rewards can I expect from Chaos Dungeons?

Chaos Dungeons offer some of the best rewards in Lost Ark, including rare gear, crafting materials, and upgrade items. Players can also earn Chaos Souls, which can be used to purchase powerful items from the Chaos Merchant. Additionally, completing a Chaos Dungeon will give players a chance to obtain Chaos Gems, which can be socketed into gear to provide powerful bonuses.

4. How difficult are Chaos Dungeons?

Chaos Dungeons are some of the most difficult content in Lost Ark, requiring a high level of skill, coordination, and gear. Players will face tough enemies and bosses that require careful strategy and teamwork to defeat. However, the rewards for completing Chaos Dungeons are well worth the effort for those who are up to the challenge.

5. Can I solo Chaos Dungeons?

While it is technically possible to solo some Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark, it is generally not recommended. These dungeons are designed to be tackled by a group of players, and require a high level of coordination and skill to complete. Additionally, the rewards for completing a Chaos Dungeon are split between all players in the group, so soloing a dungeon will result in a lower overall reward.

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