Lost Ark: Daily activities – list

Discover the daily activities and tasks that can be completed as part of your regular routine with this Lost Ark guide.

These activities are suggestions and reminders of things that should not be missed in your daily routine. They can be completed on a daily basis, but are not set in stone.

All daily tasks and activities reset every day at 11 AM based on server time, as shown on the top of the screen. Weekly events reset every Thursday.

  • Daily Rewards
  • Procyon’s Compass and the calendar
  • Trader offers
  • Rapports
  • Stronghold (Action Energy)
  • Trade Skill (Work Energy)
  • Una’s Tasks
  • Guild Donation
  • Boss Raids / Chaos Dungeons

Daily Rewards

Logging into the game during the event earns you various prizes. Daily Rewards are related to events hosted by the developers, which means they aren’t always available.

Procyon’s Compass and the calendar

After starting the game, check Procyon’s Compass (the compass icon below the mini-map) to see what events are available for the day. Events rotate daily, ranging from fighting Field Bosses to visiting special islands or Ghost Ships. Some events can be done once per day, while others are once per week. The compass window provides information on the frequency of events.

The calendar shows a detailed plan of the day and the following days, including scheduled times. Set notifications and reminders for specific events to avoid missing out on rewards and quick ways to earn money.

Trader offers

Many traders, such as merchant ships or merchants at the Stronghold, have a daily purchase limit. Visit them the next day if you need anything they’re selling.


Building Rapport with NPCs is tied to the time of day. As days pass, your Action counter resets, allowing you to give NPCs gifts, emotes, and play melodies. Neglecting these activities will cause you to miss out on rewards.

Stronghold (Action Energy)

Each action you take at the Stronghold requires Action Energy. The fortress requires more energy as it develops. Energy regenerates on a regular basis, so it should not be wasted.

Trade Skill (Work Energy)

Resource gathering requires Work Energy. Energy regenerates on a regular basis, but only increases noticeably after a few hours. Resource gathering can bring in a lot of gold, so it is worth spending your energy on this activity.

Una’s Missions

Una’s Missions are one of the easiest ways to earn income in the endgame. They become available once you reach level 50 and offer a variety of tasks. You can complete up to three missions per day, and repeating the same mission multiple times will grant you bonus rewards in the Reputation Status tab.

Weekly missions are also available, but they are more closely related to other activities like Guardian Raids or Chaos Dungeons.

Guild Donations

If you are part of a guild (and if not, you should consider joining one), you can make a daily donation to the guild in exchange for Sylmael Bloodstones. These can be traded for Gear Honing materials and other rewards. You can also contribute to ongoing research once per day using the Research tab.

You can donate 6000 silver, 100 gold, and/or a Guild Honor Banner each day. Regular donations will earn you more Sylmael Bloodstones.

Weekly tasks are also available, offering a variety of rewards.

Boss Raids / Chaos Dungeons

Activities like Boss Raids and Chaos Dungeons renew daily, allowing you to participate twice a day. If you miss a day, you will receive a Rest Bonus that will grant you more rewards the next time you participate. However, if the Rest Bonus reaches its maximum value, any additional bonuses will be forfeited. Therefore, it’s important to participate in these activities regularly (although not necessarily daily).


What are the daily activities in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark offers several daily activities that players can engage in to earn rewards and progress their characters. These activities include:

  • Daily Quests: These are quests that reset daily and offer various rewards, including experience points, gold, and items. Completing these quests can also earn players reputation with certain factions.
  • Guardian Raids: These are daily raids that can be completed with a group of players. They offer valuable rewards and are a great way to earn experience points and gear.
  • Island Exploration: Players can visit various islands to gather resources and complete quests. These islands reset daily, so players can return to them for additional rewards.
  • Chaos Dungeons: These are challenging dungeons that reset daily and offer valuable rewards. Players can earn experience points, gear, and materials by completing them.
  • Field Bosses: These are powerful bosses that spawn in the open world. They offer valuable rewards and a chance to earn gear upgrades.

How do daily activities benefit players in Lost Ark?

Daily activities in Lost Ark offer several benefits to players. First and foremost, they provide a reliable source of experience points and gear upgrades. Completing daily quests, raids, and dungeons can help players level up their characters and acquire better gear, which is crucial for progressing through the game’s content. Daily activities also offer a variety of rewards, including gold, items, and reputation with factions. These rewards can be used to purchase valuable items and craft gear upgrades. Finally, daily activities offer a way for players to stay engaged with the game and continue progressing their characters, even after completing the main story content.

Are there any restrictions on daily activities in Lost Ark?

While there are no strict restrictions on daily activities in Lost Ark, there are some limitations to keep in mind. For example, some daily activities can only be completed once per day, such as daily quests and guardian raids. Other activities, like island exploration and field bosses, may have limited availability or require specific items to access. Additionally, some activities may have level or gear requirements that players must meet before they can participate. Finally, some daily activities may only be available to players who have completed certain quests or progressed to a certain point in the game’s story. Overall, players should be aware of these limitations and plan their daily activities accordingly to maximize their rewards and progression.

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