Lost Ark Gems: What are They and How to Obtain Them?

Discover everything you need to know about gems in Lost Ark, including how to get them, how to fuse them, and how to refacet them, in this tutorial.

Learn about the benefits of gems in Lost Ark, how to upgrade them through fusing, how to change their properties by refaceting them, and how to acquire them.

  • What are Gems?
  • How to Acquire Gems?
  • Fusing Gems
  • Refaceting Gems

What are Gems?

Gems are special stones that enhance a character’s abilities in Lost Ark. They come in two shapes:

  1. Triangular shape gems increase damage
  2. Circular shape gems reduce cooldowns

You can obtain gems in Tier 2 by defeating bosses in Boss Rush or Chaos Dungeons, or by trading them on the market. Once you acquire gems, you can place them in the Gems tab of your character window (P). Gems of a higher level provide a bigger bonus to your skills. You can also upgrade, transfer, or sell gems at any time.

How to Acquire Gems?

The primary way to obtain gems in Lost Ark is through Boss Rush. You can also obtain them by defeating Field Bosses in Chaos Dungeons, trading on the market, or fusing gems.

Fusing Gems

You can fuse gems in Lost Ark by exchanging any three gems of the same level for one gem of a higher level. Fusing is free, and you can fuse gems of the same type or different types. You can also use Auto-Fuze Stg. to automatically swap low-level gems in your inventory for higher-level ones.

Refaceting Gems

You can refacet gems in Lost Ark by visiting a Gem Expert in a city. Refaceting allows you to re-roll the skill for which the gem effect is applied, but it does not change the type or value of the gem. Each refaceting costs silver, and the price increases with the level of the gem.

If you don’t have a gem that suits your needs, you can either leave it for fusion later or put it on the market. If you have Crystalline Aura, you can also re-roll from the pet level.


What are gems in Lost Ark?

Gems are a type of equipment enhancement in Lost Ark that provide additional stats to your character. They can be placed in sockets found on equipment pieces like weapons, armor and accessories. There are different types of gems with varying effects, such as increasing critical damage, reducing cooldowns, or adding extra elemental damage to attacks.

How do I get gems in Lost Ark?

Gems can be obtained from various sources in Lost Ark. One way is to purchase them from the in-game marketplace using gold or real money. Another way is to obtain them as rewards for completing certain quests or participating in events. They can also be obtained by dismantling equipment with sockets, or by using a gem extractor item to remove gems from existing equipment.

Can I upgrade my gems in Lost Ark?

Yes, gems can be upgraded to higher levels in Lost Ark. To do so, you need to use a gem upgrade catalyst item and pay a fee of gold and/or materials. Upgrading a gem increases its stats and can also unlock additional effects at certain levels.

Are there any restrictions on using gems in Lost Ark?

Yes, there are some restrictions on using gems in Lost Ark. Each equipment piece has a limited number of sockets available, and some gems can only be placed in specific types of sockets. Additionally, once a gem is placed in a socket, it cannot be removed or replaced for free – you need to use a gem extractor item or pay a fee to replace it.

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