Lost Ark Guide: Bard (Mage) – Character Class

This Lost Ark guide focuses on the Bard, one of the heroes of the Mage class. This version of the game was released in 2022. Here, we cover the features and skills of the Bard Advanced Class.

  • Bard class description
  • Bard – classic support build

Bard Class Description

The Bard is a female character class that specializes in long-range combat, avoiding direct confrontation with enemies. Their Serenade Meter increases the attack power of allies and can heal them. However, they are not very useful in battles, and their buffs and debuffs on enemies can be game-changing. Playing as a Bard is challenging, as many skills require timing mastery.

Compared to the Paladin, the Bard has less combat capability but a greater ability to support allies. It is a difficult class to play alone.

Bard – Classic Support Build

The Bard is the most support-focused class in the game, with strong healing skills. It has two class engravings, with Desperate Salvation improving healing capabilities, and Awakening decreasing the cooldown and increasing the number of uses of the Awakening skill. The optional True Courage engraving increases the damage and crit rate bonus of the Serenade of Courage skill by 20% (Level 3) and 10%, respectively, but cannot be used with Desperate Salvation.

Optional engravings include Spirit Absorption for increased mobility and spellcasting speed, Expert for increased healing capabilities, Increased Max MP for increased mana, and Heavy Armor Equipment for those who struggle to dodge.

Combat stats include Specialization, which makes attacks and buffs more effective at 30%, and Swiftness, which shortens cooldowns and speeds up attacks at 70%.

Skills, tripods, and runes can be found in the table below.


1st Tripod

2nd Tripod

3rd Tripod


Sound Shock ()

Maintained Explosion

Sacred Shock

Rapid Fire


Rhapsody of Light ()

Quick Prep

Stabilized Light

Shining Protection


Wind of Music ()

Quick Prep

Melody Increase

Wind of Protection


Sonic Vibration ()


Brilliant Wave

Wide-Angle Attack



Sound Concentration

Sustain Enhancement

Focus Fire


Prelude of Storm

Quick Prep

Melody Increase

Powerful Prelude


Lost Ark Bard screenshot

Heavenly Tune

Quick Preparation

Challenging Time

Intense Melody


Guardian Anthem

Mental Enhancement

Endless Shield

Wind of Defense


Symphonia (Awakening)

The numbers in brackets indicate the recommended skill level at character level 50. + means further development is suggested, – means prioritizing the development is recommended.


Although the Bard may appear challenging to play, it is not as difficult as it seems. The skills of this class mainly focus on self and party buffs. It is recommended to not stick to a single build, as the Bard class is adaptable and allows experimentation with various skills and engravings depending on the situation. Don’t forget to utilize the Awakening skill which greatly buffs allies and causes heavy damage to enemies.


1. What is the Bard (Mage) class in Lost Ark?

The Bard (Mage) is a character class in the online multiplayer game, Lost Ark. It’s a hybrid class that combines the offensive capabilities of a Mage with the support abilities of a Bard. The Bard (Mage) is a versatile class that can deal damage from range or up close, while also providing healing and buffs to allies. This class can be a great addition to any group, as they can fill multiple roles at the same time.

2. What are the skills of the Bard (Mage) class?

The Bard (Mage) class has a variety of skills that can be used for both offensive and supportive purposes. Some of their offensive skills include Fireball, Lightning Strike, and Ice Spear. Their supportive skills include Healing Wave, Mana Shield, and various buffs that can increase the damage or defense of allies. The Bard (Mage) class also has a unique ability called “Harmony,” which can be used to increase the effects of their support skills.

3. How does the Bard (Mage) class fit into a group?

The Bard (Mage) class is a great addition to any group due to their versatility and ability to fill multiple roles. They can deal damage from range or up close, while also providing healing and buffs to allies. This makes them a valuable asset in both PvE and PvP situations. The Bard (Mage) can also be a great support for other classes, such as tanks or damage dealers, by increasing their damage or defense through their buffs.

4. What is the playstyle of the Bard (Mage) class?

The Bard (Mage) class has a unique playstyle that requires the player to balance their offensive and supportive abilities. They can deal damage from range or up close, while also providing healing and buffs to allies. The player must also be aware of their positioning, as some skills require them to be close to allies or enemies. The Bard (Mage) class can be played as a pure support or as a hybrid support/damage dealer, depending on the player’s preference.

5. How does the Bard (Mage) class compare to other classes in Lost Ark?

The Bard (Mage) class is a versatile class that can fill multiple roles at the same time, making it a unique addition to any group. However, it may not be as powerful in terms of damage output as some of the other damage-dealing classes, such as the Gunslinger or the Hawkeye. The Bard (Mage) class is more focused on providing support and utility to the group, rather than dealing massive amounts of damage. Overall, the Bard (Mage) class is a great addition to any group and can be a valuable asset in both PvE and PvP situations.

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