Lost Ark: Gunlancer (Warrior) – Character Class Guide

This guide discusses the Gunlancer (Warrior) character class in the game Lost Ark, based on the 2022 version. You will learn about the Gunlancer subclass’s skills and abilities, including two possible builds: Combat Readiness and Lone Knight.

  • Gunlancer Class Description
  • Combat Readiness / Blue Build
  • Lone Knight / Red Build

Gunlancer Class Description

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Specialization: Shield Meter – Increases defense for yourself or allies by entering Defensive Stance, causing enemy attacks to deplete your shield meter instead of HP. The Gunlancer is the best tank in the game, able to soak up lots of damage and protect allies. However, this class is slow and lacks mobility and dodging abilities. Gunlancer is selected for a tank role, with access to supporting and distracting skills. Additionally, the Gunlancer is good against bosses due to its staggering abilities and can perform a backstep instead of a regular dodge using the Space button to avoid AoE attacks and mortal blows. However, its attacks are slow and have a short range.

Combat Readiness / Blue Build

This build focuses on improving the Gunlancer’s defenses. Combat Readiness, also known as the Blue Build, mainly uses skills with a blue background and increases your character’s damage when taking hits (only in Defensive stance after filling the Shield Meter) and passively increases how much damage your shield can take.


  1. Combat Readiness – Damage increased by 20% with an extra bonus when in Defensive Stance. Additionally increases Shield Meter by at least 30% when the stance is active.
  2. Barricade – When using a shield, your damage increases by 3-16%, depending on the skill’s level. Synergizes with Combat Readiness.

Optional Engravings:

  1. Spirit Absorption – Increases attack and movement speed without any drawbacks.
  2. Stabilized Status – Using your shield properly should ensure you’ll always be at nearly full health. This engraving gives you a damage bonus when your health is above 80%.
  3. Adrenaline – After executing an attack, increase the strength of the next one (stacks up to 6 times), resulting in a high bonus if you start a combo with quick attacks.
  4. Awakening – Reduces the cooldown of the Awakening Skill and makes the Shield Meter regenerate faster.

Combat Stats:

  1. Crit – chance to execute a critical hit. Assign around 25% of the points here – this doesn’t matter much for the Blue Build.
  2. Specialization – 75% of the points – improves shield parameters and significantly improves Normal skills.

Skills, Tripods, and Runes:


1st Tripod

The table shows various skills for the Combat Readiness Gunlancer, with suggested skill levels at character level 50 indicated in parentheses. The numbers followed by a plus sign indicate skills that should be developed further, while those with a minus sign should be prioritized.

The Combat Readiness Gunlancer build is designed for players who prefer a defensive playstyle. With his high health, the Gunlancer can trade blows with enemies and deal more damage as he takes more hits. However, his reduced mobility makes it harder for him to avoid special attacks and fast-moving enemies. The Nellasia’s Energy skill can help protect teammates, while the Shout of Hatred skill can distract enemies. The Dash Upper Fire and Bash skills can be used to counter enemy attacks. One drawback of this build is its quick depletion of stamina/mana.

In contrast, the Lone Knight or Red Build is focused on turning the tank into a DPS for taking down strong bosses. This build sacrifices the shield in Defensive Stance to increase crit rate and damage. Mobility is crucial for avoiding attacks, and offensive skills are optimized for staggering enemies. The Super Charge engraving can reduce charge time and increase damage for important skills. Optional engravings are also available.

The Lone Knight class has several important skills to focus on, including Master Brawler, Spirit Absorption, Adrenaline, and Keen Blunt Weapon. When allocating points to combat stats, it is recommended to assign around 75% to Crit and 25% to Swiftness. The class also has various skills, tripods, and runes to choose from, with recommended skill levels at character level 50.

Playing as the Lone Knight requires attacking from the front, which can leave you vulnerable to powerful attacks from bosses. However, the class is capable of dealing immense damage with singular attacks such as Surge Cannon, Gunlance Shot, and Charged Stinger. During downtime, the Lone Knight can support allies.


What is the Gunlancer class in Lost Ark?

The Gunlancer class in Lost Ark is a powerful warrior that wields a massive lance and a heavy gun. This class is known for its ability to deal massive damage from both close and long range, making it a versatile choice for players who want to be able to adapt to any situation on the battlefield. The Gunlancer also has a variety of defensive abilities, including a shield that can block incoming attacks and a powerful counterattack that can stun enemies. Overall, the Gunlancer is a great choice for players who want to be able to deal heavy damage while also protecting themselves from harm.

What are the strengths of the Gunlancer class?

The Gunlancer class in Lost Ark is known for its versatility and its ability to deal heavy damage from both close and long range. This class is also very durable, with a variety of defensive abilities that can help it withstand even the strongest attacks. The Gunlancer’s shield is particularly useful, as it can block incoming attacks and prevent the player from taking damage. Additionally, the Gunlancer has a variety of crowd control abilities, including a stun and a knockback, that can help it control the battlefield and keep enemies at bay. Overall, the Gunlancer is a great choice for players who want a powerful, versatile warrior that can deal heavy damage while also protecting themselves and their allies.

What are the weaknesses of the Gunlancer class?

While the Gunlancer class in Lost Ark has many strengths, it also has some weaknesses that players should be aware of. One of the main weaknesses of the Gunlancer is its slow movement speed, which can make it difficult to dodge attacks and avoid enemy fire. Additionally, the Gunlancer’s long-range attacks can be difficult to aim, especially against fast-moving targets. Finally, the Gunlancer’s heavy armor can make it vulnerable to a variety of debuffs, including slows and stuns, that can limit its mobility and make it easier for enemies to take it down. Despite these weaknesses, however, the Gunlancer remains a powerful and versatile class that can be a great choice for players who want to deal heavy damage while also protecting themselves and their allies.

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