Lost Ark: How to Use Fast Travel with Triports

Learn how to use fast travel in Lost Ark with Triports in this guide.

Find out how to activate Triports, how much it costs to use them, and other forms of fast travel like bifrost, liners, and the Song of Return.

  • Triport – How to Use It
  • Ocean Liners
  • Bifrost
  • Song of Return

Triport – How to Use It

Fast travel is a basic feature in Lost Ark and can be unlocked by activating Triports in each region. To use fast travel, select one of the unlocked Triports on the map or by name on the list.

You can also teleport to a visible Triport on the mini-map by holding down Alt and left-clicking it.

Fast travel requires playing the entire song and costs silver, with fees increasing with distance.

Ocean Liners

Liners are an alternative way to fast travel between selected continents. It costs several thousand gold and takes one to two minutes. You can only use the liner to travel between ports you’ve already discovered.

To use it, head to a port and find the person with the Ocean Liner Embarkation moniker. Select your destination from the pop-up window.


Unlocked at player level 50, Bifrost allows you to set any point on land or sea and move to it instantly by opening the Bifrost panel with Alt W. However, there are time constraints on establishing bifrosts and how frequently you can use them.

Bifrosts can’t be established in enclosed locations, storyline areas, and certain islands.

Initially, you can only have one teleportation point, unfortunately. Unlocking two more requires Bifrost Keys, which can be obtained in two ways: by reaching Roster level 60 or by earning Ignea Tokens as a reward (these tokens are given for achieving 100% progress in the Adventurer’s Tome on the continent).

If you have purchased the premium service Crystalline Aura, you will receive an additional 2 bifrost points to use.

The Song of Return

During the main storyline in Lutherra Castle, you will receive the Song of Return. In the largest cities on the continents, you will find blue markers that are similar to triports. These markers are called Return Points and by interacting with them, you can select one of these locations as your return point. This will allow you to travel to the designated point at any time (except for certain areas such as the sea and enclosed locations), but you can only do this once per hour.


1. How do I unlock fast travel in Lost Ark?

In order to unlock fast travel in Lost Ark, you need to first discover a new location by physically traveling there on foot or by mount. Once you have discovered a new location, it will be added to your travel map and you will be able to use it as a fast travel point. You can also unlock additional fast travel locations by completing quests or by purchasing teleportation scrolls from merchants.

2. Can I fast travel to any location in Lost Ark?

No, you can only fast travel to locations that you have previously discovered and unlocked. Additionally, there are certain restrictions on where you can fast travel to depending on your current level and progress in the game. Some areas may also be restricted if you have not completed certain quests or if you are not a high enough level to safely navigate the area.

3. Is there a cooldown on fast travel in Lost Ark?

Yes, there is a cooldown on fast travel in Lost Ark. Once you have used a fast travel point, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before you can use it again. The cooldown time varies depending on the location and the distance between fast travel points. However, there are certain items and abilities that can reduce the cooldown time or allow you to bypass it altogether.

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