Lost Ark: Necromancer’s Origin – defeating the boss

In this section of the Lost Ark guide, you will learn how to defeat the first Abyssal Dungeon of Tier 1 level, Necromancer’s Origin.

Necromancer’s Origin is one of two Ancient Elveria dungeons in Lost Ark and the second Tier 1 Abyssal Dungeon. This guide will provide you with the boss fights mechanics and how to complete the dungeon. To enter the dungeon, your character needs to have at least 340 ilvl.

  • Reanimated Garum
  • Sigmund the Immortal

Reanimated Garum

Reanimated Garum is the first boss of Necromancer’s Origin. The boss takes on the form of a dragon and attacks with area skills. The boss’s common attack affects two zones: around the boss and a round field further away. It also performs a similar attack involving one big zone. Additionally, the boss uses its tail to knock back players attacking from behind and performs an area attack to the sides, often followed by a second one forwards and backwards.

The boss’s special fast skill imposes a Death Gaze curse on nearby players. The curse stacks up, and if any character accumulates 5 debuffs, there will be a wipe – the death of all players.

Orbs appear with each boss’s attack. It’s recommended to determine beforehand the order in which you will all collect the orbs, so that no one picks up 5 Death Marks.

Curse markers are visible above the mana bar and above the players’ heads. To get rid of the debuff, find the golden orb in the arena and interact with it. This will remove the curse, but only for the player who used the orb. Orbs can also be spotted on the mini-map, so hiding it is not worth it.

Sigmund the Immortal

The second boss of Necromancer’s Origin is Sigmund the Immortal. The boss is difficult, but players have more time to beat it. Sigmund has numerous area attacks, including one that covers the entire arena, except for the area near the boss. It can also summon meteorites that make the struck area contaminated. The boss is also very swift and can teleport to another location while targeting an area attack at its previous position. When you see that the boss is about to perform this attack, move backwards – do not run to the sides.

It’s recommended to stay close to the boss, even if your character has long-range attacks covering large areas. This makes dodging easier and allows for a much quicker reaction in the Stagger Check stage.

The key mechanic of this fight is the Stagger Check, which begins after about 3 minutes of fighting when the boss charges a wipe spell that will kill all players. You cannot avoid it other than by attacking the enemy with High Stagger skills and/or High-Stagger grenades (e.g. Clay/Whirlwind Grenade). The reddening area is what marks the beginning of this stage of the fight. An orange bar below the boss will appear too.

When the boss in the game has only one health point left, a second mechanic will start that involves orbs of two colors appearing on the four sides of the arena. It is important for each player to interact with an orb of the same color as the shockwave that appeared when the boss was knocked down. The arena will also change to the same color as the chosen orb. Once this is done, players will need to defeat the boss. If they fail, the enemy will regain most of their health and become slightly stronger. It is important to note that if the color is white, red streaks may appear on the screen, but they are not related to the color choice and are simply an additional effect of the boss’s spell. The color of the arena will indicate the color of the orbs that need to be collected, as shown in the screenshot of the red arena.


1. What is Necromancer’s Origin in Lost Ark?

Necromancer’s Origin is a boss in the MMORPG game Lost Ark. It is one of the most challenging bosses in the game, and players need to be well-prepared to defeat it. The boss is located in the Temple of the Departed dungeon and has a variety of attacks that can cause significant damage.

2. What are the recommended strategies for defeating Necromancer’s Origin?

One of the most critical strategies for defeating Necromancer’s Origin is to have a well-coordinated team. Each player should have a specific role and be able to communicate effectively with their teammates. Players should also make sure they have the right gear and consumables to increase their chances of success. It is also essential to learn the boss’s attack patterns and avoid its powerful attacks.

3. What classes are best suited for fighting Necromancer’s Origin?

Players can use a variety of classes to fight Necromancer’s Origin, but some are better suited than others. Classes that have high mobility and can dodge attacks easily are ideal for this boss. For example, Assassins and Summoners are both good choices because they can quickly move around the battlefield and avoid the boss’s attacks.

4. What are some of the boss’s most dangerous attacks?

Necromancer’s Origin has several powerful attacks that can deal significant damage to players. One of its most dangerous attacks is the Dark Nova, which creates a massive explosion that can wipe out an entire team. The boss also has a move called the Cursed Touch, which can instantly kill players if they are not careful.

5. How long does it take to defeat Necromancer’s Origin?

The time it takes to defeat Necromancer’s Origin depends on the skill level of the players and their gear. On average, it takes a well-coordinated team about 20-30 minutes to defeat the boss. However, it can take longer if the team is not well-prepared or if they are struggling to avoid the boss’s attacks.

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