Lost Ark: Towers – challenges and rewards

This page of the Lost Ark guide explains what Towers are and what challenges and rewards they offer for players.

The Tower is a single-player dungeon activity in Lost Ark that requires an ilvl of 302 or higher. You can find Towers in major cities, and each floor presents a unique challenge, such as defeating certain enemies or bosses. Upon completion of each floor, you’ll receive a reward and regain lost health. However, you cannot change your equipment or skills while participating.

  • What is Tower?
  • Tower rewards

What is Tower?

Towers are successive floors that unlock as you increase your ilvl. To participate in the Tower, you must meet certain requirements and face various challenges. Area attacks and stamina management are crucial in these arenas, and utility items can be assigned to free slots for strategic advantage. The second level of the tower, Fatespire, is accessible from level 802.

Tower rewards

Completing successive levels of the Tower will earn you various rewards, such as engravings, random cards, and Rapport Chests. Engravings can help develop your character, but the most valuable item is the Skill Point Potion, which adds 3 skill points and can be found on the top floor. Keep in mind that rewards can only be claimed once.


What are Lost Ark Towers?

Lost Ark Towers are challenging, procedurally generated dungeons that can be found throughout the game world. Each Tower consists of a series of floors that become increasingly difficult as players progress through them. They offer a variety of challenges and rewards for players who are up for the task.

What rewards can be earned from completing Lost Ark Towers?

Players can earn a variety of rewards from completing Lost Ark Towers, including rare equipment, crafting materials, and valuable currencies. Each Tower has its own unique rewards, and players can earn more valuable rewards by completing higher floors and taking on more difficult challenges.

What challenges can players expect to face in Lost Ark Towers?

Players can expect to face a variety of challenges in Lost Ark Towers, including tough enemies, traps, puzzles, and environmental hazards. Each floor of a Tower presents a new challenge, and players must use their skills and strategy to overcome them. The deeper into a Tower players go, the more difficult the challenges become.

How can players prepare for Lost Ark Towers?

Players can prepare for Lost Ark Towers by leveling up their characters, acquiring powerful equipment, and mastering their skills and abilities. It’s also important to research the Tower beforehand to know what challenges and enemies to expect. Players should bring a balanced party with a variety of skills and abilities to increase their chances of success.

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