Lost Ark: Understanding Cards, Awakening Sets

Discover the significance of collectible cards in Lost Ark, how they enhance attributes, the advantages of creating sets, and strategies to expand your catalog and upgrade awakening.

Explore the world of collectible cards in Lost Ark. Learn how they enhance attributes, how to awaken and create sets, and how to expand the catalog.

  • Collecting Cards
  • Creating Sets
  • Awakening
  • Books – Upgrading Attributes
  • Expanding the Catalog

Collecting Cards

Cards are collectibles in Lost Ark that can be obtained during various gameplay activities and story quests. Simply click on the card with PPM to add it to your inventory.

  1. Collecting cards is an endgame activity and almost impossible to complete.
  2. Card sets passively improve the stats of your heroes.
  3. Having duplicate cards doesn’t count towards the full collection and doesn’t take up extra space.
  4. Card trading is not allowed.
  5. Removing cards from the deck destroys them irrevocably.

Read on to learn more about the features and uses of the cards.

Creating Sets

Open the card tab (Alt C) to see the sets on the left. Hover over Set Effects Details to learn about the bonuses from applying the indicated number of cards. You can choose from 6 card slots, and multiple sets can be active simultaneously. This allows you to create and use multiple sets based on the situation.


Collect a set for a specific effect and aim to get duplicate cards to upgrade them later. The buffs related to card awakening will be visible in grey. Each card can be awakened up to 5 times, and duplicates are always required. Choose cards that can be easily obtained (e.g. those offered in stores or at certain events).

To enhance cards, go to the Enhance tab and select the card with PPM. Transfer XP and pay the indicated amount of silver to upgrade the card. Don’t upgrade cards that won’t be used. Keep in mind that duplicates of the given card are required for leveling up – at first one, then several.

Improving Attributes of Books

Although cards may not seem important, it’s worth noting that they are not only used in sets but also combined into books. By checking the appropriate tab, you can see the passive bonuses that come with a specific set of cards. These bonuses remain valid until you choose to remove the cards from the catalog. In addition, upgrading the cards can improve the attributes generated by the books.

Increasing Card Collection

As time passes, you may encounter the issue of a full card catalog when attempting to add a new card to your collection.

To unlock 10 slots for new cards, you can purchase an additional row by going to the Enhance tab and scrolling to the bottom of the page. You can buy these slots with blue crystals or indirectly with gold. As you progress, you’ll need to buy more slots. Alternatively, you can store the cards temporarily in your storage or inventory.


What are Lost Ark Cards?

Lost Ark Cards are a special type of item in the game Lost Ark. They can be used to enhance your character’s abilities and stats, and can also be used to awaken sets. There are different types of cards, such as skill cards, attribute cards, and set cards. Skill cards can enhance your character’s skills, while attribute cards can enhance your character’s stats. Set cards are used to awaken a set, which gives your character additional bonuses and abilities when wearing a complete set of gear.

How do you awaken a set using Lost Ark Cards?

To awaken a set using Lost Ark Cards, you first need to obtain a complete set of gear. This means you need to have all the pieces of equipment for a specific set, such as the Dragon Knight set or the Guardian set. Once you have the complete set, you can use set cards to awaken it. To use a set card, you need to open the inventory menu and select the set card you want to use. Then, click on the gear set you want to awaken and select the option to use the card. If the awakening process is successful, you will receive additional bonuses and abilities for wearing the complete set of gear.

What are the benefits of awakening a set using Lost Ark Cards?

Awakening a set using Lost Ark Cards can provide several benefits for your character. You will receive additional bonuses and abilities when wearing the complete set of gear, which can enhance your character’s performance in battles. The bonuses and abilities you receive will depend on the set you awaken and the type of set card you use. For example, some set cards may provide additional defense or attack bonuses, while others may provide special abilities that can be used during battles. Awakening a set using Lost Ark Cards is a great way to improve your character’s overall strength and performance in the game.

Where can you obtain Lost Ark Cards?

Lost Ark Cards can be obtained in various ways in the game. You can obtain them by completing quests, defeating monsters and bosses, or by purchasing them from the in-game store. Some cards may also be obtained by exchanging items or completing special events. It’s important to note that some cards may be rarer than others, and may require more effort or resources to obtain. However, obtaining and using Lost Ark Cards is a great way to enhance your character’s abilities and improve your overall performance in the game.

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