Lost Ark: Understanding Combat Stats

In this guide, we will discuss what Combat Stats are in Lost Ark and how to modify them using jewelry.

What are Combat Stats?

Combat Stats are unique attributes that affect a character’s performance in battle. These stats include Crit, Specialization, Domination, Swiftness, Endurance, and Expertise. Each of these stats influences specific attributes, such as critical attacks, special skills, and defense, among others.


Crit is a stat that affects the chance of critical damage, but not its strength.


Specialization has a slightly different effect depending on the hero. It directly affects the hero’s Meter, transformations, and “states” related to it, and special abilities like Awakening.


Domination affects the damage dealt to opponents with statuses and debuffs like Pushed, Staggered. This stat is advisable for characters who use debuffs with their basic attacks.


Swiftness affects the character’s speed in movement and attack and the cooldown of skills.


Endurance influences the character’s vitality, including defense, health, and regeneration rate.


Expertise affects how long debuffs work on enemies and shortens the debuffs’ effect on the character.

For advanced builds, the most important stats are usually Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness.

How to Modify Combat Stats?

Jewelry is the primary stat modifier for Combat Stats. Earrings, rings, and necklaces can boost one or two specific attributes. You can wear two earrings and rings at a time. You can develop your hero’s specific traits or balance them, depending on your needs.

Jewelry can also have Engraving, which we have described on a separate page. Upgrading jewelry and acquiring Tier 1 items are necessary to unlock all bonuses.

Other factors, such as special potions and books, can also slightly increase stats. However, these are small bonuses and do not significantly affect stats at lower levels.

When exchanging equipment, pay attention to jewelry. If you see a blue arrow next to a piece of jewelry, it usually means that it raises some attributes while lowering others. Moreover, clicking PPM in the inventory swaps only one ring/earring. Open the P hero preview panel to manually change the jewelry.

How to Check Combat Stats Details?

You can expand the Combat Stats panel by selecting the Details button to get detailed information about your stats. This way, you will be able to accurately determine your hero’s statistics and traits and choose your strategy or find weaknesses in your build.


What are combat stats in Lost Ark?

Combat stats in Lost Ark are attributes that determine the overall power of your character in battle. These stats include Attack Power, Defense, Critical Hit Chance, Hit Rate, Evasion, and more. Each of these stats contributes to your character’s overall combat effectiveness, and leveling up your character will give you access to more powerful stats and abilities.

How do combat stats affect gameplay in Lost Ark?

Combat stats play a significant role in determining how effective your character is in battle. Attack Power determines how much damage your character deals, while Defense reduces the amount of damage your character takes. Critical Hit Chance increases the likelihood of landing a critical hit, while Hit Rate determines how often your attacks hit their target. Evasion helps your character dodge incoming attacks, and there are many other stats that can affect gameplay in different ways. It’s important to balance your combat stats to create a well-rounded character that can handle any challenge thrown your way.

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