New World: How to Sell Items?

This page of the New World guide will teach you how and where to sell items in order to earn extra gold.

In New World, you won’t find an NPC who will buy your items. All trading takes place between players. On this guide, we’ll suggest where you can put your items on sale. We’ll also discuss the option of dismantling items to obtain small amounts of gold.

  • Selling in Trading Posts
  • Salvaging Objects

Selling in Trading Posts

Trading takes place in a special location called the Trading Post. You’ll find a Trading Post in every settlement. Trading Posts are indicated by a scale icon on the map.

In the Trading Post menu, you’ll see items put up for sale by other players. You can also make your own offers. All items can be put up for sale, as long as they’re not damaged.

When creating an offer, you’ll determine the price of the item (you’ll also need to pay a tax to a specific settlement), the number of items, and the duration of the offer’s visibility. If any player decides to pay for your offer, the gold will go to your equipment.

Just like Storage Sheds, Trading Posts are independent of each other. This means that items put up for sale in one settlement are not visible in the other.

Salvaging Objects

You can also dismantle items in your inventory by clicking on Salvage. This will give you a small amount of crafting materials and gold. It’s recommended only for low-value items that won’t be purchased by other players.


1. How do I sell items in New World?

Selling items in New World can be done through the trading post. You can access the trading post by visiting one of the settlements in the game and interacting with the trading post NPC. Once you have accessed the trading post, you can choose to sell items that you no longer need. You can set the price of the items and they will be listed for other players to purchase. Keep in mind that there is a listing fee for selling items in the trading post.

2. Can I sell items to other players directly?

Yes, you can sell items to other players directly by trading with them. To trade with another player, you will need to be in close proximity to them and initiate a trade by selecting their character and choosing the “trade” option. You can then offer items to trade and negotiate with the other player for a fair price.

3. What items are in high demand for selling?

There are several items in New World that are in high demand for selling. Crafting materials such as iron ore, rawhide, and green wood are always in demand as they are used to craft various items in the game. Rare resources such as Orichalcum and Voidbent ingots can also fetch a high price on the trading post. Additionally, rare weapons and armor with unique perks or attributes can also be valuable to other players.

4. How can I maximize profits when selling items?

To maximize profits when selling items in New World, it’s important to research the current market prices for the items you wish to sell. Check the trading post regularly to see what items are selling for and adjust your prices accordingly. Additionally, consider selling items in bulk to save on listing fees and offer discounts to players who purchase multiple items from you. Finally, focus on selling high-demand items to ensure that your items sell quickly and for a fair price.

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