New World: Weapon Mastery

This section of the New World guide focuses on Weapon Mastery, which enables you to create unique character builds. Here, you will learn how to develop and reset your weapon skills.

Weapon Masteries in New World allow you to create specific builds without the need for character classes. Your role is determined by the use of appropriate weapons. For instance, to become a healer, you will require a Life Staff. If you wish to be a tank, then Sword and Shield is the way to go. A two-handed axe will help you deal area damage. You can also alternate between two different weapons to create versatile builds that work in both PvP and PvE. Furthermore, each weapon mastery is divided into two separate trees with different uses. In this section of the New World guide, you will learn how to develop and reset your weapon masteries. You will also find a list of all the weapons.

  • Developing weapon mastery
  • Resetting weapon mastery
  • All weapon masteries

Developing weapon mastery

Developing masteries in New World is a simple process – it happens when you use a particular weapon. For instance, if you want to develop Hatchet mastery, you need to use it to defeat enemies. Each defeated opponent increases your mastery for a specific weapon – the stronger the opponent (with a higher level than the player), the quicker the development. After increasing your mastery level, you will receive one skill point, which you can allocate to active or passive skills. The maximum mastery level is 20, so it is impossible to unlock all the skills for a given weapon.

Resetting weapon mastery

You can reset your weapon mastery (i.e. get back your points) in the weapon window. There, you will find the Respec button. Resetting a weapon mastery up to level 10 is free. However, after reaching level 10, you will have to pay with Azoth.

All weapon masteries

New World offers a dozen different weapon skills. Our guide provides descriptions of each of them. The following pages contain all the active and passive abilities of a given weapon, as well as information on which attributes to develop to increase damage.

  1. Sword and Shield
  2. Rapier
  3. Hatchet
  4. Spear
  5. Two-handed axe
  6. War Hammer
  7. Bow
  8. Musket
  9. Fire Staff
  10. Life Staff
  11. Ice Gauntlet
  12. Vacuum gauntlet


What is Weapon Mastery in New World?

Weapon Mastery is a system in New World that allows players to improve their proficiency with different types of weapons. As you use a particular weapon, you will gain experience and level up your mastery in that weapon. Each level of mastery will unlock new abilities and bonuses, making you more effective with that weapon.

How do I level up my Weapon Mastery?

You can level up your Weapon Mastery by using a particular weapon in combat. Every time you deal damage or kill an enemy with that weapon, you will gain experience towards your mastery level. Additionally, completing quests and defeating bosses can also reward you with mastery experience. It’s important to note that your mastery level will only increase for the specific weapon you are using, so switching to a different weapon will not give you any mastery experience for the first weapon.

What are the benefits of leveling up Weapon Mastery?

As you level up your Weapon Mastery, you will unlock new abilities and bonuses that make you more effective with that weapon. These bonuses can include increased damage, reduced stamina costs, and new combat techniques that can be used with that weapon. Additionally, reaching higher levels of mastery will also unlock cosmetic rewards, such as new weapon skins and emotes. Overall, Weapon Mastery is an important system in New World that encourages players to experiment with different weapons and playstyles.

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