NFS Unbound: Guide for New Players

The Guide for New Players is a page within the Need for Speed Unbound guide that provides helpful information and tips for those just starting out in the game. It offers guidance on what to focus on and what to avoid.

The page includes a list of tips for playing Need for Speed Unbound. These tips cover topics such as which races to choose and how to make progress quickly.

  • Make progress as fast as possible
  • Deposit large amounts of money
  • The number of retries is limited
  • Choose high-value but low-risk races
  • Changing the downforce of the car modifies the vehicle’s points
  • Use nitro wisely
  • Explore gas stations

Make progress as fast as possible

In terms of vehicles and money, the first hour of the game doesn’t matter. After driving Alec’s car to the designated location, your progress will be reset. You’ll start with a new garage and no cash or cars. To progress quickly, focus on the main story and ignore side activities.

Deposit large amounts of money

Some of the money you earn during the day is marked in red and can be lost if you get caught by the police. Deposit it in a hideout to keep it safe. Unlock new hideouts in different parts of the city to maximize protection. You can use unsecured cash to pay race entry fees.

The number of retries is limited

You can repeat most races, but only a few times. Some occasional challenges and special races cannot be retried. The number of retries available depends on the selected difficulty level.

Choose high-value but low-risk races

The Heat level indicator shows the intensity of police activity against you. It resets daily but remains unchanged when switching from daytime to nighttime. Changing cars won’t help. To minimize risk, only participate in races you want to play and start with ones that raise the threat meter the least.

By changing the downforce of the car, you modify the points of the vehicle

Adjust the downforce level to raise or lower a car’s tier without buying parts. Each click to the left raises the tier, while a click to the right lowers it. However, increasing downforce can make the car slower and harder to control. Use this method sparingly to participate in races in both tiers.

Adjust settings before starting the race – during the race, the settings will be unavailable.

Use nitro wisely

There are two nitro modes in NFS Unbound: the yellow and blue bars. Use nitro strategically to gain an advantage in races.

  1. The yellow bar charges quickly and allows for a single, powerful boost by quickly pressing the button. It can be used to take out opponents, but must be used quickly before it expires. If charged to level 3, it provides a significant speed boost. It’s important to charge it up and use it strategically.
  2. The blue bar charges slowly but provides a long-lasting boost. It’s important not to let it remain full or the charge is wasted. Nitro can be charged while driving dynamically and dangerously, such as drifting or jumping.

Using the boost can help stabilize the vehicle and quickly recover from a long drift.

Find Gas Stations

Gas stations can be found on street corners and are useful for repairing the car and charging nitro. They are not associated with any secrets, but discovering them adds them to the world map.


1. What is NFS Unbound?

NFS Unbound is a racing game developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2005 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. The game is the ninth installment in the Need for Speed series and features open-world gameplay.

2. What are some tips for beginners in NFS Unbound?

Firstly, practice your driving skills in the game’s tutorial mode, which will teach you the basics of the game’s controls. Secondly, take your time to explore the game’s open world and familiarize yourself with the different areas and shortcuts. Thirdly, choose the right car for the right race – some cars are better suited for certain races than others, so make sure to check the race requirements before selecting a car. Fourthly, upgrade your car’s performance parts to improve its speed, handling, and acceleration. Finally, don’t be afraid to use nitrous oxide to give your car a boost of speed when needed, but use it wisely as it has limited use and takes time to recharge.

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