NFS Unbound: Length of the Story Mode – How Long Does it Take to Complete?

In this guide, you will discover how much time is required to finish the storyline in Need for Speed Unbound.

We will provide you with information on the game’s central plot, secrets, and challenges, and let you know the duration of time that it takes to complete NFS Unbound.

  1. NFS Unbound consists of singleplayer and multiplayer campaigns. You may spend most of your time competing with other players in multiplayer mode. However, if you prefer singleplayer, you can complete the main storyline in approximately 10-15 hours, excluding side activities and achievement hunting.

  1. We suggest that you take on challenges after acquiring a good car. Each challenge should take no more than 5 minutes, adding roughly an extra three hours of gameplay. If you choose not to use a guide, you could spend a lot of time searching for hidden secrets. Nevertheless, obtaining achievements should not be problematic since they are usually related to secrets, races, and police chases.
  2. The total amount of time that you will spend playing NFS Unbound will depend on your approach to the game and how frequently you fail certain events. For example, races that reward you with new cars entail high signing fees and only the winner receives any reward. Additionally, reaching the race sites and evading the police may take a considerable amount of time.


1. What is NFS Unbound?

NFS Unbound is a racing video game developed by Criterion Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is the 15th installment in the Need for Speed series and was released in 2014 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

2. How long is the story mode in NFS Unbound?

The story mode in NFS Unbound takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete. However, the game has a lot of additional content, including side missions, challenges, and online multiplayer modes, which can significantly extend the game’s length and replayability.

3. What is the objective of NFS Unbound’s story mode?

The objective of the story mode in NFS Unbound is to take down a mysterious criminal organization known as “The House” and their leader, a woman named “La Catrina.” Players take on the role of a street racer named Tyler Morgan, who must work with his crew to win races, perform stunts, and complete missions to gain the respect of the city’s racing scene and take down The House.

4. Are there multiple endings in NFS Unbound?

No, there is only one ending in NFS Unbound’s story mode. However, the game does have multiple paths and outcomes depending on the player’s choices and performance in certain missions. For example, if the player fails to complete a mission, they may have to repeat it or face consequences later in the game.

5. Is NFS Unbound worth playing for its story mode?

While the story mode in NFS Unbound is relatively short, it is engaging and well-crafted, with likable characters, thrilling action sequences, and impressive visuals. Additionally, the game’s open world environment and various gameplay mechanics offer plenty of opportunities for exploration and experimentation. Overall, NFS Unbound is definitely worth playing for both its story mode and its other features.

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