The Ascent: Is Fast Travel Available?

This page of The Ascent guide explains how to use fast travel in the game through subways and taxis.

You can’t simply teleport by clicking on the map in The Ascent. However, the game does provide a fast travel system. This guide page will teach you how to use it by showing you how to use the metro and taxis.

  • Metro
  • Taxi


To use the metro/subway, you need to locate “M” markers on the map. The subway stations are spread throughout the game world. Once you find one, wait for the train to arrive.

When the train arrives, press the interact button. A window will appear, allowing you to select your desired station. After a brief cut-scene from inside the train, your character will arrive at the chosen location. It’s worth noting that using the metro is free.


The second option for fast travel is to use a taxi. You can use a taxi anywhere on the map (unless enemies are present), but each trip costs 1000 credits. Additionally, you can only travel to locations you’ve previously visited. Use the following buttons to call a taxi:


Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S


1. Is there fast travel in The Ascent?

Yes, there is fast travel in The Ascent. Players can use the metro stations located throughout the game’s world to travel quickly between different areas. However, players must unlock these stations by completing certain tasks or missions in the game. Additionally, players can also fast travel to any previously visited location by opening the map and selecting the desired location.

2. Can players fast travel between different levels?

No, players cannot fast travel between different levels in The Ascent. Each level must be accessed by physically traveling to its entrance or by using elevators or other means of vertical transportation. This is intended to encourage exploration and immersion in the game’s world.

3. Are there any limitations to fast travel?

Yes, there are some limitations to fast travel in The Ascent. Players must first unlock the metro stations in order to use them for fast travel. Additionally, fast traveling to a location will cost the player a certain amount of in-game currency, which varies depending on the distance being traveled. Finally, fast travel cannot be used during combat or while in certain areas of the game.

4. How does fast travel affect gameplay?

Fast travel in The Ascent allows players to quickly move between different areas of the game’s world, which can be useful for completing missions and other tasks. However, it also removes some of the immersion of the game, as players may miss out on important details or encounters while traveling. Additionally, the cost of fast travel can be a factor in the player’s decision-making, as they must balance the benefits of fast travel with the expense of using it.

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