The Ascent: Understanding Weapon Elevation and Shield Usage

This guide page for The Ascent explains the mechanics behind weapon elevation and provides tips on how to use shields efficiently.

Despite being an isometric game, The Ascent features a mechanic that allows players to react to elements located above their character. This is made possible through the use of weapon elevation, which is also helpful when using shields. In this guide, we will provide information on how to effectively use weapon elevation.

  • How do I raise my weapons?
  • How do I activate shields?

How Do I Raise My Weapons?

Weapon elevation enables players to aim and shoot at higher levels. This allows for attacks on enemies who are hiding behind cover or standing on stairs. To activate weapon elevation, simply turn on the mode and the aiming laser will adjust to a higher level. This will help players determine whether they can hit an opponent on a higher platform or staircase. Weapon elevation is also effective against enemies hiding behind shields. Without elevation, attacks will hit the shield. By elevating the weapon, players can hit enemies directly.

How Do I Activate Shields?

Players can also use shields to effectively fight from behind cover. To activate shields, players can crouch down behind an object and then activate the weapon elevation mode. This will cause the character to lift the weapon without exposing themselves to enemy fire.


What is “The Ascent”?

“The Ascent” is a newly released action RPG game developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital. The game is set in a cyberpunk world where players take on the role of a worker in a mega-corporation. The game features a variety of weapons and shields that players can use to fight against enemies and progress through the game.

How does raising weapons and shields work in “The Ascent”?

In “The Ascent,” players can raise their weapons and shields by pressing the right trigger on their controller. Raising the shield will block incoming attacks, while raising the weapon will allow the player to attack enemies. The game also features a cover system that players can use to hide from enemy fire and regenerate health. Players can switch between weapons and shields on the fly, allowing them to adapt to different combat situations. As players progress through the game, they can upgrade their weapons and shields to become more powerful and effective in combat.

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