Tips for Beating Papa Feral Boss in The Ascent

This guide page provides tips to defeat the Papa Feral boss in The Ascent.

In this guide to The Ascent, you will learn how to defeat the first boss called Papa Feral. You will encounter him at the end of the prologue, just before entering the city. The guide will also show you a short cut-scene before the fight.

How to Beat Papa Feral Boss?

Papa Feral is the first boss in The Ascent.

Defeating Papa Feral is not too difficult, as you can use the weapons found during the prologue. The key is to keep moving and avoid letting the boss get too close to you. Despite being the first boss, Papa Feral can deal a lot of damage, so it is important to be agile. Run around the arena and shoot at the enemy. It is also advisable to take down the smaller enemies that may make it hard to fight the boss.

Be aware of the red circles, which indicate where the boss’s bullets will land.

Papa Feral has two skills that you should watch out for. First, he uses an aerial bombardment attack, which is shown in the above image. When you see red circles appear on the ground, quickly run away from them as they indicate where the missiles will land. The boss will also occasionally lunge towards you. In such cases, use dodge to move away from him quickly.


1. What is Papa Feral boss in The Ascent?

Papa Feral is a tough boss in The Ascent, a top-down shooter game. He is the leader of the Feral family, a gang of mutants who control the lower levels of the city. Papa Feral is known for his strength and agility, and he can be a formidable opponent for players who are not prepared.

2. What are the weaknesses of Papa Feral boss in The Ascent?

The weaknesses of Papa Feral boss in The Ascent are his vulnerability to fire and his slow movement. Players should use weapons that deal fire damage, such as flamethrowers or incendiary grenades, to deal significant damage to Papa Feral. Additionally, players should aim for his legs to slow him down and make him an easier target.

3. How to avoid Papa Feral’s attacks in The Ascent?

The best way to avoid Papa Feral’s attacks in The Ascent is to stay mobile. Players should constantly move around the arena and avoid standing still for too long. Additionally, players should use cover to avoid getting hit by Papa Feral’s powerful attacks. Keep an eye on his movements and try to predict when he will attack to dodge it.

4. What is the recommended level to fight Papa Feral boss in The Ascent?

The recommended level to fight Papa Feral boss in The Ascent is level 10 or higher. Players should have a good understanding of the game mechanics and have upgraded their weapons and abilities before attempting to fight Papa Feral. If a player is struggling to defeat him, they should consider leveling up and completing side missions to gain more experience.

5. What are the rewards for defeating Papa Feral boss in The Ascent?

The rewards for defeating Papa Feral boss in The Ascent are significant. Players will receive a large amount of experience points, money, and rare loot. Additionally, players will gain access to the Feral family’s secret stash, which contains valuable items and weapons. Defeating Papa Feral is a challenging task, but the rewards make it worth the effort.

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