How to defeat Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent?

This guide will provide you with tips on how to take down the challenging Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent’s Empowerment mission.

The Megarachnoid is the final boss encountered in The Ascent’s Empowerment mission. This guide will explain how to prepare for the fight and defeat the boss.

Tips to defeat Megarachnoid

Firstly, the Megarachnoid is vulnerable to energy weapons, so make sure to use a weapon that is effective at long range. The EP4 Pacifier is a good option for this fight, and it can be obtained from robots that are defeated on the way to the boss. Secondly, use the Mono Ranger augmentation to summon a robot that can help you in the fight. This augmentation can also be obtained from defeated robots. Finally, wear armor that provides high resistance to fire, as the Megarachnoid deals fire damage.

As soon as the fight begins, summon the robot using the augmentation to distract the boss and attack safely. During this time, deal as much damage as possible, and when the friendly robot is destroyed, retreat and keep a distance from the Megarachnoid. It is best to stay near the edge of the location.

Besides the Megarachnoid’s attacks, it will also summon small spiders that explode when they get close to the player. It is crucial to constantly move and keep a distance from them. Kill the small spiders before they get too close, as their explosions inflict a lot of damage. You can also hack the spiders with the cyberdeck to destroy them. Keep shooting even when the boss is not visible on the screen, and use the minimap to locate it.


Question 1: What is the Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent and how do I encounter it?

The Megarachnoid is a massive spider-like creature that serves as one of the bosses in The Ascent. It is encountered later in the game, in the Abandoned Research Facility area. To reach the boss, you must first navigate through the facility and defeat several waves of enemies. Once you reach the bottom level, the Megarachnoid will appear and the battle will begin.

Question 2: What are some tips for defeating the Megarachnoid boss in The Ascent?

First and foremost, it is important to stay mobile during the fight. The Megarachnoid has a variety of attacks that can deal significant damage, but most can be avoided by constantly moving around the arena. Additionally, make use of cover to avoid the boss’s ranged attacks.

It is also recommended to target the boss’s weak points, which are located on its legs and abdomen. These can be damaged for increased damage and will also stun the boss briefly, allowing for more attacks to be landed. Finally, be sure to bring a weapon with high damage output and plenty of ammo, as the fight can be quite lengthy.

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