Witcher Monster Slayer: Daily Rewards

The Witcher Monster Slayer has been designed with certain features that encourage players to play the game on a daily basis. This page will explain how the daily rewards system works, what rewards can be earned, and what daily tasks are all about.

  • Daily Tasks
  • Rewards
  • Persistence Rewards

Daily Tasks

Each time you log in to the game, you will receive a new daily task. These tasks are small activities that players would normally complete during the course of the game. The daily tasks usually involve:

  1. Crafting a few items,
  2. Using several potions/oils,
  3. Killing a few monsters.


The rewards for completing daily tasks are coins, which can be used to purchase new items, stations, or weapons. A detailed description of all the available items in the game can be found on separate pages of this guide.

Persistence Rewards

The game also has a system that rewards players for their persistence and playing the game every day. When players complete several daily tasks (one per day), they can unlock a special chest. The chest contains gold coins and other valuable items.


What are daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer?

In Witcher Monster Slayer, daily rewards are bonuses that players can receive once per day by logging in to the game. These rewards can include various items, such as potions, bombs, and monster bait, as well as experience points and coins.

How do I claim my daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer?

To claim your daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer, simply log in to the game each day. You will receive a notification that your daily reward is available, and you can claim it by tapping on the notification or by visiting the Rewards tab in the game menu.

Do the daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer change?

Yes, the daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer can change over time. The game’s developers may update the rewards periodically to offer new items or incentives to players. It’s important to log in to the game each day to see what rewards are currently available.

Are the daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer worth claiming?

Yes, the daily rewards in Witcher Monster Slayer are definitely worth claiming. Even if you don’t need the items or experience points immediately, they can be useful later on in the game. Plus, claiming your daily reward each day helps you stay engaged with the game and make progress more quickly.

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