How to Obtain New Signs in Witcher Monster Slayer

This guide will provide information on how to acquire new signs, which will make battles easier in The Witcher Monster Slayer.

  • Skills
  • Igni Sign
  • Aard Sign
  • Quen Sign


Skills section screenshot - The Witcher - Monster Slayer: New signs - how to get them? - FAQ - Witcher Monster Slayer Guide

In order to obtain new signs, click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen to access the “skills” section. Next, click on the “skills” icon that appears on the right side of the screen. From there, navigate to the “sign” section and locate the “Aard Sign” and “Quen Sign” skills.

Igni Sign

Igni Sign screenshot

Effect: allows you to deal fire damage.

How to get: this sign is available from the beginning of the game.

Aard Sign

Aard Sign screenshot

Effect: deals kinetic damage that stuns the enemy for a second.

How to get: you can purchase this sign from the skill tree after reaching level 10.

Quen Sign

Quen Sign screenshot

Effect: casting this sign makes you absorb 70% of your opponent’s attacks.

How to get: you can purchase this sign from the skill tree after reaching level 15.


What are signs in Witcher Monster Slayer and why are they important?

In Witcher Monster Slayer, signs are magical abilities that allow you to defeat monsters and complete quests. There are currently five signs available: Igni (fire), Quen (shield), Yrden (trap), Aard (blast), and Axii (mind control).

How can you get new signs in Witcher Monster Slayer?

At the moment, there is only one way to get new signs in Witcher Monster Slayer: by leveling up. As you progress through the game and complete quests, you will earn experience points (XP). Once you have enough XP, you will level up and be given the option to unlock a new sign.

It’s important to note that each sign requires a certain amount of XP to unlock, and the cost increases with each sign. Additionally, once you have unlocked a sign, you will need to spend gold coins to upgrade it and make it more powerful.

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