Guide to Field Bosses in Lost Ark

This guide provides information on Field Bosses in Lost Ark, including where to find them, combat rules, and rewards.

  • About Field Bosses
  • Finding Field Bosses and Rewards

About Field Bosses

Field Bosses are a special activity available to players with at least 380 ilvl. They appear on designated days according to the calendar, and can be fought only once per day. This makes it important to have a strong team, as failing to defeat the boss means waiting until the next day for another attempt.

Each boss offers different rewards, tailored to the player’s level, and defeating them counts as progress in Adventurer’s Tome. However, each boss has a limited amount of time before entering the Berserk stage, during which the chance of success drops significantly.

Note that attempting to fight a boss without the required item level will result in dealing no damage and receiving no rewards. Additionally, the bosses are capable of dealing high damage, and players may die from just a few attacks.

Finding Field Bosses and Rewards

Field Bosses are marked on maps and always appear in specific locations. More information on spawning can be found by hovering over the event icon where the boss appears. Alternatively, the calendar can be used to find the exact location of a boss, as well as the required item level and potential rewards.

After defeating a boss, an auction takes place where players can bid on engraving books. The higher the level of the boss, the better the books available. It’s important to note that some bosses are linked to Welcome Challenges, offering additional one-time rewards.


What are Field Bosses in Lost Ark?

Field Bosses in Lost Ark are powerful monsters that spawn in specific locations on the game map. These bosses are much stronger than regular enemies and require a group of players to take them down. Field Bosses drop valuable loot, including rare items and equipment, making them a popular target for players looking to improve their gear.

How do you find Field Bosses in Lost Ark?

Field Bosses in Lost Ark have specific spawn locations and timers, which means players can predict when and where they will appear. The best way to find Field Bosses is to join a group or guild and coordinate with other players to hunt them down. Some Field Bosses require specific quests or conditions to be met before they spawn, so it is important to do your research before attempting to defeat them.

What should you know before fighting a Field Boss in Lost Ark?

Fighting a Field Boss in Lost Ark requires preparation and coordination. Players should have a well-rounded group with a mix of classes and abilities to maximize their chances of success. It is also essential to communicate with your group and have a clear plan of attack before engaging the boss. Additionally, players should be aware of the boss’s mechanics and attacks, as they can be deadly if not properly avoided. Overall, defeating a Field Boss in Lost Ark is a challenging but rewarding experience that requires teamwork and strategy.

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