Diablo Immortal: Frozen Tundra – location map

Diablo Immortal’s Frozen Tundra is a vast location. Our map displays the locations of all Hidden Lairs and Side quests.

Main features of Diablo Immortal – Frozen Tundra

Finding Hidden Lairs

Demonic Catapults (Exploration achievements)

Barbarian Spirits

Side quests (Exploration achievements)

Elite bosses (Exploration achievements)

Our map of Diablo Immortal’s Frozen Tundra location displays the locations of Hidden Lairs, Barbarian Spirits, Demonic Catapults, and side quests.

  • Zone Event – Call of the Ancients
  • Hidden Lairs
  • Barbarian Spirits
  • Siegebreakers – Demonic Catapults

Zone Event – Call of the Ancients

While fighting monsters, you’ll receive Ancestral Essence occasionally. When you reach the maximum level, the Ancient Spirit will summon in the northern part of the map. You must escort him to the altar. En route, ghosts will attack him – kill them to collect Ancestral Relics. The number of Relics you can “disenchant” and rewards depend on the Spirit’s health at the end of the journey.

Hidden Lairs

The Hidden Lairs in this location resemble portals and are sparsely scattered across the vast tundra.

Barbarian Spirits

You can find 5 Barbarian Spirits in the Frozen Tundra. Speak to each of them to complete the Exploration achievement.

Siegebreakers – Demonic Catapults

There are 30 Demonic Catapults in the eastern part of the map to destroy (they respawn at fixed locations). Accomplishing this unlocks one of the Exploration achievements – Siegebreakers.


1. What is Diablo Immortal: Frozen Tundra?

Diablo Immortal: Frozen Tundra is a new location added to the popular mobile game Diablo Immortal. It is an icy and treacherous region in the game’s world of Sanctuary, filled with new challenges, monsters, and loot for players to discover.

2. How do I access Frozen Tundra in Diablo Immortal?

To access Frozen Tundra, you need to have completed the game’s main story and reached level 45. Once you meet these requirements, you can access the region by selecting it from the world map.

3. What kind of monsters can I expect to encounter in Frozen Tundra?

Frozen Tundra is home to a variety of new monsters, including ice elementals, frozen horrors, and snow golems. These enemies are tough and require different strategies to defeat, so be sure to come prepared with the right gear and skills.

4. What kind of loot can I find in Frozen Tundra?

Frozen Tundra is packed with new loot for players to discover, including powerful weapons, armor, and accessories with unique modifiers and abilities. Players can also find new crafting materials and recipes to create even more powerful items.

5. Can I play Frozen Tundra with friends?

Yes, you can team up with friends or other players to explore Frozen Tundra together. The region features new multiplayer content, including dungeons and events, that can be tackled with a group. However, keep in mind that the enemies in Frozen Tundra are much tougher than those in other areas of the game, so teamwork and coordination are key.

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