How to Complete the “Prisoners Emancipation” Quest in Lost Ark?

This guide will tell you how to finish the Prisoners Emancipation quest located in Kalthertz within Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark.

If you’re playing Lost Ark, head over to Kalthertz island and start Una’s Task: Prisoners Emancipation. This quest is all about freeing prisoners, and this guide will show you how to complete it.

Prisoners Emancipation is an optional quest that can be found on Kalthertz island. To complete it, you must free three prisoners and retrieve information from them to give to the quest giver.

The prisoners can be found in two rooms in the building, on an elevated platform, and they appear every few dozen seconds. Simply interact with them to open the prisoner buyout offer window. Each prisoner has a different buyout price that ranges from 300-1800 Pirate Coins. Don’t pay more than 300/600 PC because they’re not worth it. Switching channels will help you find cheaper prisoners.

In the northernmost room, there are two prisoners outside of the platform who are also trapped in cages. Next to the eastern room, walking north along the corridor, you can go through the bars to enter another room with two more cages with prisoners.

Once you’ve bought out the prisoners, you will receive a packet and document from each one. Take these to the post office on the island to pick them up. Then, take the documents to Daybreaker Rita – a woman on the island – and open the packages to receive random low-value rewards. However, you may also find the Island Soul of the island this way.


1. What is Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation?

Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation is a dungeon in the Lost Ark game where players have to rescue prisoners from their captors. The dungeon is designed for players of level 36 and above, and it can be played solo or with a team of up to four players. The goal is to defeat the enemies in each room and free the prisoners until you reach the final boss.

2. How do I complete Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation?

To complete Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation, you need to work your way through the dungeon by defeating all the enemies in each room. You will also need to free the prisoners in each room to gain buffs and access to new areas. Once you reach the final boss, you need to defeat him to complete the dungeon. It is important to have a good strategy and teamwork to succeed, so make sure to communicate with your team and use your skills effectively.

3. What rewards can I get from Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation?

Completing Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation can reward players with various items, including gear, gold, and experience points. The rewards you receive will depend on your level and the difficulty level of the dungeon. Higher difficulty levels will offer better rewards, but they will also be more challenging to complete. Make sure to check the rewards before entering the dungeon, so you know what to expect.

4. Are there any tips for completing Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation?

Yes, there are several tips that can help you complete Lost Ark: Prisoners Emancipation. First, make sure to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks. Use your skills effectively and focus on the enemies that pose the biggest threat. Also, try to free the prisoners as soon as possible to gain buffs and access to new areas. Finally, be prepared with potions and other consumables, and don’t be afraid to retreat and regroup if necessary. With these tips in mind, you should be able to complete the dungeon and earn valuable rewards.

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