Creating Shelter Elements in Sons of the Forest

Although Sons of the Forest offers blueprints for various structures, players have the option to build their own unique base by creating each shelter element themselves. This guide provides tips on constructing walls, doors, floors, and other parts of the shelter.

Each basic shelter element like walls, windows, and stairs can be crafted individually, allowing players to tailor their base to their specific needs. The instructions below outline how to craft each element in Sons of the Forest.

  • Introduction
  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Window
  • Door
  • Single Step
  • Basic Beams
  • Struts
  • Roof
  • Stairs
  • Ramp
  • Defensive Wall
  • Rope
  • Rope Bridge
  • Firewood


Before beginning construction, players should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Some structures require specific log lengths and thicknesses. The rules for this mechanic are outlined on the Log Processing page.
  2. Building requires a significant amount of logs, so players should enlist Kelvin’s help to cut down trees and gather resources. However, when building a Tree House, players should be cautious since Kelvin may accidentally cut down the same tree that the shelter is built on.
  3. Players should scout for a suitable area before starting construction. Ideally, the terrain should be flat, as building on a slope can be challenging.
  4. The number of logs required for construction varies based on the size of the elements being constructed.
  5. Players must equip an axe to process logs. Without it, the game won’t indicate where to chop.
  6. Building more complex structures requires knowledge of how to construct simpler elements. For instance, constructing a roof requires walls and beams to be placed first. All necessary instructions are provided below.
  7. The Book provides visual construction instructions and can be accessed by pressing the B key on the keyboard.


To create a basic floor, players will need:

  1. Logs
  2. Planks

Begin by arranging four logs into a square shape. When the first log is placed, a side arrow appears at its end. Repeat this step for all elements.

Once the outline is complete, cut logs into planks and place them parallel to each other to cover the entire surface.


Start by placing a log horizontally on the ground.

Place the next logs on top, following the dashed lines provided by the game. The optimal wall height is seven logs.


Begin by constructing a wall using the instructions above. Equip an axe and aim the camera at the center of the wall.

The game will indicate where to chop using red dashed lines. Use the left-click to chop.

Repeat the process until the desired window size is achieved.

Building Instructions

To create a door, cut holes in the wall and remove the centers of the logs. Then, cut the logs into half logs and place them vertically.

To build a step, craft a floor and cut a log lengthwise to get a plank. Place it with a left-click when the camera shows a left arrow.

To create basic beams, hold a log and right-click to change the placing mode. Place the log vertically and lean the second log against the first. Place the third log under the opposite end of the second one to lift the structure. Use an axe to adjust the beam height.

To add struts, build basic beams and place half logs in the corners of the beam’s left end. Remove the middle pillars with an axe as the struts will hold the structure up.

For a roof, build at least two perpendicular walls and rest a log against the end of one of them. Place the second log to raise the beam and the third log between the wall and the beam. Cut the logs into boards and place them horizontally as indicated by white arrows.

To build stairs, place a log vertically and then place another log on top of it, accepting the action with a left-click. Place the log on the pieces just like when creating beams.

To construct a staircase, hold the log and aim the camera at the center of the construction. Right-click to change the construction mode and left-click when the animated dashed lines appear. The game will cut the materials and place the planks automatically. Repeat the process until the staircase is complete.


The ramp can be built similarly to the staircase. Hold the log and right-click to change the construction mode until horizontal dashed lines appear. Confirm with left-click and repeat the process until the space is filled.

Defensive Wall

Build the wall by placing the first log vertically and then placing another log when the circle symbol with a short line appears. Repeat this process until the wall reaches the desired length.

Equip an axe and point the camera at the top of the logs to sharpen them. Left-click when the red dashed lines appear and repeat with the remaining parts of the wall.


To climb a wall, select a rope from your inventory and left-click when a long vertical dashed line appears. This will attach the rope to the wall.

Rope Bridge

Build two walls facing each other and spaced apart. Attach a rope to both walls by left-clicking when a long dashed line appears. Repeat the process to make room for the plank floor.

To construct the plank floor, grab a log and left-click. The game will cut the material into planks and place it down. Repeat the process until the bridge is complete.


Cut the log lengthwise and then cut the board into 4 pieces to obtain small pieces of firewood to throw into the fire.


What are the shelter elements in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, shelter elements are necessary for the player’s survival. These elements include fire pits, tents, lean-tos, and even treehouses. Fire pits are crucial for warmth and cooking food. Tents provide a safe place to sleep and store items. Lean-tos are a temporary shelter that can be easily constructed in the wilderness. Treehouses are a more permanent option, offering protection from predators and the elements. All of these shelter elements require resources such as logs, rocks, and cloth to construct, and the player must gather these resources to build and maintain their shelter.

Can shelter elements in Sons of the Forest be upgraded?

Yes, shelter elements in Sons of the Forest can be upgraded to provide even better protection and functionality. For example, a basic tent can be upgraded with a fire pit and walls for added warmth and security. Treehouses can be expanded to include multiple levels and a more complex design. Upgrades typically require additional resources and may take more time to construct, but they provide significant benefits for the player’s survival and comfort. It is important for the player to constantly evaluate their shelter needs and upgrade their elements accordingly to ensure their survival in the wilderness.

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