Callisto Protocol: The Colony

Our guide covers stage 6 of Callisto Protocol’s Colony. You’ll learn how to defeat bosses Two-Headed and Captain Ferris, where to find the elevator access card, and how to locate Dani on the rooftops of Hightown in the old colony.

This page of the guide walks you through the sixth chapter: The Colony. You’ll learn how to navigate the Old Colony, locate the elevator keycard, find Dani on the rooftops of Hightown, defeat the Two-Headed boss, reach the laboratory, and survive the Captain Ferris boss fight.

  • Locate the Old Colony
  • Find a way up to the Light Tower
  • Find the elevator keycard
  • Return to the elevator
  • Find Dani at the rooftops
  • Find Dani
  • Boss – Two-Headed
  • Reunite with Dani
  • Investigate the lab
  • Boss – Captain Ferris
  • Exit the Colony on the funicular

Locate the Old Colony

As you travel through the service tunnel, you can explore the area more fully (such as finding a chest with valuable loot on the upper balcony) or follow the mission objective. You can reach the colony through a narrow side passage.

Find a way up to the Light Tower

Jump down to the lower levels to reach the main area of the colony. New blind monsters are present – you can avoid them, eliminate them with stealth attacks, or grab and throw them towards the many spikes in the area.

Reach Lowtown Elevator Control on the lower level of the colony. Pull the lever and check the console: you’ll need a keycard.

Find the elevator keycard

You need to explore the upper level (Midtown) – use the ladder located to the right of the elevator control room.

Before you reach the ladder, more monsters may attack you. Don’t try to fight them in the small control room, just run around the area and grab the monsters again with the GRP to throw them at the spikes.

You don’t have to go into all the buildings. To progress further, reach the General Store on the right.

Go to the L2 Bathroom adjacent to the shop – you’ll find an Assault Rifle Schematic there. You can load it at the nearest Reforge station and purchase the rifle for 1,000 credits.

Leave the Bathroom and reach the Security building. You have to pick up the Keycard from the corpse stuck to the wall (as shown in the picture).

Return to the elevator

Head back towards the ladder. New monsters will appear in Midtown – you can easily deal with them by grabbing them with the GRP and throwing them down (they should die after falling from a great height).

Downstairs, eliminate the next monsters and insert the keycard into the console. This will unlock an elevator in the adjacent area (as shown in the picture) – reach it and start it.

Locate Dani on the Rooftops

To reach Hightown, take the elevator and be prepared to face blind monsters and hostile creatures attacking Jacob. Use the GRP to grab them and throw them off the railings. They can die even if they land on the lower roof.

Go up the stairs and you will eventually reach crossroads (as shown in the picture).

Choose the left path (Bathroom) first. Reach the first illuminated room and you will find a Gate Fuse.

Head in the opposite direction, i.e., towards the right path (Roof Top). Be careful of crawling exploding monsters along the narrow paths. If necessary, retreat and fire at them from a safe distance.

Ultimately, you need to reach the closed passage shown in the picture and use the fuse to unlock the door.

Locate Dani

In the new location, there is a Reforge. Don’t forget to print the Assault Rifle. If you have low ammo, replenish your supplies – they will come in handy soon.

Use the ladder and jump through the hole in the roof to the new room. You will meet Dani and a cutscene will start.

Boss – Two-head

You need to defeat the Two-head boss again.

The general tactics of the fight are similar to the previous confrontation – avoid all melee attacks, because if he manages to hit or catch Jacob, he can kill him instantly. Keep the knob tilted left or right in advance.

An additional challenge in this fight is the fact that ordinary monsters can appear in the area as well. Grab them with the GRP and throw them towards spikes or other surfaces to kill them quickly.

Use good firearms to attack the boss. Notice that there are also exploding containers in the area that can be grabbed using the GRP.

The weakened boss will kneel. Run up to him and attack him with a melee weapon twice – first so that Two-head loses one of his heads and then to finally defeat him. Remember to collect the loot left by the defeated boss (computer printer worth 1,000 credits).

After the battle, follow Dani (before that, collect the loot from the arena). Jacob will fall down, and the heroes will be separated again.

Reunite with Dani

In the new location, you will find the Reforge. The main character will return to the Old Colony. Reach the ladder and throw down or kill the monsters if they are too close. They can attack Jacob while he’s climbing the ladder.

On the upper level, defeat or throw down more creatures. Head straight towards the Clinic. After opening the door, you will reunite with Dani, and the current battle will come to an end. Use the Reforge and follow Dani.

Explore the Laboratory

Make your way to the main gate and unlock it to enter the dome, also known as the laboratory. You may choose to listen to more audio recordings of Dr. Caitlyn Mahler here. You will also come across the source, which is a storyline trophy.

Boss Fight – Captain Ferris

During one of the cutscenes, a mutated Captain Ferris will appear and you will have to fight him for the first time.

Let the boss approach Jacob and execute three perfect dodges in a row.

As soon as Ferris finishes his series of attacks, hit him with melee weapons or fire a quick shot (when the blue icon appears).

Repeat this sequence until the next cutscene begins. Dani and Jacob will then escape from the arena and the fight with Ferris will end.

Leave the Colony on the Funicular

Follow the linear path and reach the interactive panel.

After the cutscene with Dani, make your way to the Reforge and the large gate. Once you try to open the next door (as shown in the picture), a cutscene ending the chapter will begin. You will then progress to the final chapter, Tower.



What is Callisto Protocol: Colony?

Callisto Protocol: Colony is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios. The game is set in the year 2320 on Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons. Players take on the role of a prisoner who wakes up in a maximum-security prison on Callisto. The prison is being overrun by monstrous creatures, and the player must fight to survive in a hostile environment.


Who is developing Callisto Protocol: Colony?

Callisto Protocol: Colony is being developed by Striking Distance Studios, a subsidiary of Krafton Game Union. The studio was founded by Glen Schofield, who previously worked on the Dead Space series. Callisto Protocol: Colony is the studio’s first game, and they have promised to deliver a unique and terrifying experience for players.


What makes Callisto Protocol: Colony different from other survival horror games?

Callisto Protocol: Colony stands out from other survival horror games because of its setting and atmosphere. The game takes place on Callisto, a moon that is harsh and unforgiving. The monsters that players will encounter are also unique and terrifying, with their own distinct behaviors and abilities. Additionally, the game features a robust crafting system that allows players to create weapons and tools to help them survive.


When will Callisto Protocol: Colony be released?

At the time of writing, a release date for Callisto Protocol: Colony has not been announced. However, the developers have stated that the game is in active development and that they are aiming for a 2022 release. Fans of survival horror games should keep an eye on this title, as it promises to be one of the most unique and terrifying games in the genre.

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