Callisto Protocol: Obtaining the Tactical Pistol Schematic – Tips and Tricks

If you want to acquire additional weapons in Callisto Protocol, the Tactical Pistol Schematic is a must-have. This guide will show you how to locate the schematic in the Below chapter and print the Tactical Pistol.

By finding the Tactical Pistol Schematic in the Below chapter of Callisto Protocol, you can unlock a new type of pistol. Our guide provides a walkthrough on where to find the schematic and what you need to do to print the Tactical Pistol.

  • Locating the Tactical Pistol Schematic
  • Printing the Tactical Pistol

Locating the Tactical Pistol Schematic

The schematic can be found in the Below chapter. Once you reach the final part of the stage and encounter the first blind monsters, you can obtain it.

At the fork in the road (with a large L1 sign on the wall), choose the left corridor.

In the next location, navigate between the rows of spikes and avoid or eliminate the blind creatures.

Explore the right part of the new location to find the schematic. Be sure to have at least one free inventory slot to take it.

Printing the Tactical Pistol

After reaching the nearest Reforge, you can upload the schematic to print the Tactical Pistol. Keep in mind that it costs 600 credits to print the weapon, so be prepared to spend some resources.


What is Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios. The game is set in the year 2320 on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, where players must survive against monstrous creatures while uncovering the secrets of a mysterious facility.

What is the Tactical Pistol schematic in Callisto Protocol?

The Tactical Pistol schematic is a collectible item in Callisto Protocol. It is a blueprint that players can use to craft a powerful pistol that can deal significant damage to enemies. However, the schematic is hidden throughout the game, and players must explore the game world to find it.

Where can I find the Tactical Pistol schematic in Callisto Protocol?

The location of the Tactical Pistol schematic in Callisto Protocol is currently unknown. However, it is expected that the schematic will be hidden in a difficult-to-reach location, requiring players to solve puzzles and fight enemies to obtain it.

What other collectibles are in Callisto Protocol?

Callisto Protocol features several other collectibles, including audio logs, notes, and data pads. These items provide additional context and backstory to the game’s world and characters, and they can be found scattered throughout the game world. Players who collect all of the game’s collectibles will unlock special rewards and achievements.

When will Callisto Protocol be released?

Callisto Protocol is currently scheduled to be released in 2022 for PC and consoles. However, the exact release date has not yet been announced, and it is possible that the game may be delayed due to development challenges or other factors.

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