New World: How to Participate in Expeditions

Expeditions, also known as dungeons or raids, are a great way to gather rare crafting materials and acquire better weapons in New World. In this guide, we’ll show you how to join an expedition and provide you with a list of available expeditions in the game.

Expeditions are similar to dungeons or raids in other MMO games, providing players with a quick way to gain experience and rare materials for crafting. They also offer better weapons and armor. In an expedition, players work together to complete tasks and face off against enemies and bosses. Our guide will provide you with a list of all available expeditions, the rewards you can earn, and tips on how to join.

  • List of all expeditions
  • Rewards for participating in the expedition
  • How to join the expedition?

List of all expeditions

New World has six different expeditions, each with its own unique story, opponents, bosses, and rewards. To participate in an expedition, players must reach a specific character level, and each expedition begins in a different location.

Name of the expedition


Recommended character level

Amrine Excavations



Starstone Barrows



The Depths

Restless Shore


Dynasty Shipyard

Ebonscale Reach


Lazarus Instrumentality



Garden of Genesis



Rewards for participating in the expedition

Players have the chance to obtain high-quality weapons during expeditions. Before starting an expedition, players can see which weapons are available. They can also collect rare crafting materials. Completing an expedition will award players with experience points, gold, and items obtained from chests and defeated enemies.

How to join the expedition?

To join an expedition, players need an appropriate key, which can be crafted at the Stonecutting Table in settlements. One key is sufficient for a group of players, and players must have a minimum of three members. It’s important to assign roles to ensure that the group has a tank, a healer, and a player capable of dealing high damage.

If you want to embark on an expedition, you can team up with any player, even if they belong to a different faction. It’s not necessary to have friends in the game, as the game chat groups are always seeking players who are interested in joining the expedition. In most cases, you don’t even need to create a key. Once you have a group and the appropriate key, head to the starting point of the expedition. These locations are indicated on the map and described in detail on this guide page. From there, the player with the key can initiate the expedition and you can all work together to complete the objectives.


What are New World expeditions?

New World expeditions are journeys taken by explorers to the New World, referring to the Americas and surrounding islands, during the Age of Exploration. These expeditions were often funded by European countries seeking to expand their power and gain new resources, such as gold and spices. The expeditions were typically led by famous explorers, such as Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan, and involved long voyages across the ocean. These expeditions had a significant impact on the world, changing the course of history and paving the way for colonization and trade between the Old World and the New World.

What were the major New World expeditions?

Some of the most famous New World expeditions include Christopher Columbus’ journey to the Caribbean in 1492, Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe in 1519-1522, and HernГЎn CortГ©s’ conquest of the Aztecs in Mexico in 1519-1521. Other notable expeditions include John Cabot’s exploration of the coast of North America in 1497 and Vitus Bering’s exploration of Alaska in 1741. These expeditions helped establish European dominance in the New World and paved the way for colonization and the eventual formation of the United States and other countries in the Americas.

What challenges did New World expeditions face?

New World expeditions faced a number of challenges, including the difficulty of navigating the ocean in ships that were often small and poorly equipped, the risk of disease and starvation, and the hostility of indigenous populations. Many expeditions suffered from scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, and had to take measures to prevent it, such as bringing along citrus fruits and other sources of vitamin C. Additionally, many expeditions encountered resistance from native people, who often saw the Europeans as invaders and fought to protect their land and resources.

What was the impact of New World expeditions?

New World expeditions had a profound impact on the world, leading to the colonization of the Americas by European powers and the displacement and genocide of indigenous populations. The expeditions also sparked a period of intense exploration and competition between European countries, leading to the establishment of trade routes and the exchange of goods and ideas between the Old World and the New World. The New World expeditions also contributed to the development of new technologies, such as improved navigational tools and shipbuilding techniques. Today, the legacy of the expeditions can be seen in the diverse cultures and societies of the Americas, as well as in the ongoing struggles for indigenous rights and decolonization.

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