Callisto Protocol: Where to Find Secret Rooms for The Commonality Trophy

This guide will help you unlock The Commonality achievement in the Callisto Protocol game by locating the 2 Secret Rooms associated with the trophy. These rooms can be found in the Aftermath and Below stages.

To obtain The Commonality trophy, you must explore both Secret Rooms in a single playthrough. Our walkthrough covers Secret Room 1 in the Aftermath chapter and Secret Room 2 in the Below chapter.

  • Secret Room 1 – Aftermath chapter
  • Secret Room 2 – Below chapter

Secret Room 1 – Aftermath chapter

The first Secret Room can be found during the Aftermath stage when searching for the Medical Facility. When you reach a fork after passing through the large B3 Maintenance passage, do not take the Maintenance B414 passage. Instead, use the knife to open the door of Workshop B415. Enter the right ventilation shaft and crawl through to the corridor with blue lighting. Take the narrow passage to reach Secret Room 1 where you will find an audio log on the table.

Secret Room 2 – Below chapter

To locate the second Secret Room, proceed through the Below level objective of locating the Power Reactor. After climbing the ladder shown in the picture, squeeze between the rocks in front of you to avoid the reactor. Follow the corridors, defeat some monsters, and go around the locked passage from the right side. You will then reach Secret Room 2, where you will find an audio log on the big table. The game will now unlock The Commonality trophy.


What is the Commonality trophy in Callisto Protocol?

The Commonality trophy is one of the achievements/trophies in the game Callisto Protocol. To unlock this trophy, players need to locate all of the Secret Rooms in the game. These rooms are hidden throughout the game and are not easy to find. Once players locate all of the Secret Rooms, they will be awarded the Commonality trophy.

Where can I find the Secret Rooms in Callisto Protocol?

The Secret Rooms in Callisto Protocol are scattered throughout the game and are not marked on the map. Players need to explore the game world thoroughly to find these rooms. Some of the Secret Rooms are located in hidden areas that require players to solve puzzles or complete challenges to access. Others are hidden behind breakable walls or require players to use specific weapons or equipment to access. It is essential to search every corner of the game world and pay attention to any hints or clues that may lead to the location of the Secret Rooms.

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