Callisto Protocol compared to Dead Space

On this page, we will explore the similarities and differences between Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space series, to determine whether it truly is a spiritual successor. According to pre-release information, Callisto Protocol is aimed at fans of Dead Space, so let’s see how it stacks up in terms of unique features and gameplay mechanics.

This guide will not contain any story spoilers, only general information about the game and its gameplay mechanics.

  • Horror atmosphere
  • World and locations
  • Gameplay
  • Characters
  • Summary

Horror atmosphere

Callisto Protocol is primarily a horror game with some action elements, much like Dead Space 2. The gameplay creates a tense and eerie atmosphere with terrifying monsters and various ways to scare the player. However, there are also moments that are more action-packed, such as making an emergency landing or escaping a collapsing structure.

World and locations

Callisto Protocol has a diverse range of locations to explore, including a prison affected by an epidemic (similar to Dead Space 2), sewers, residential areas, and the surface of the moon Callisto (inspired by Dead Space 3). While some areas may seem familiar, the game doesn’t simply copy locations from Dead Space.


The gameplay in Callisto Protocol is similar to that of Dead Space, with slow movement and powerful attacks against various monsters. Players must also manage limited inventory space, though instead of shops, there are forges to sell loot and upgrade equipment.

The GRP weapon is a unique feature, allowing players to grab and hurl objects at enemies, or activate traps from a distance. Melee combat is also emphasized, allowing players to save ammo and upgrade melee weapons.


Callisto Protocol is a fully-fledged single-player game, catering to fans of the first two Dead Space installments.

During certain moments in the game, Jacob is joined by other characters who offer assistance. However, players won’t be burdened with an AI companion throughout the entirety of the game. The other characters mainly make appearances in between fights and in cut-scenes. For the majority of the game, players will be traveling alone and communicating with other characters via radio.

In summary, Callisto Protocol is a game that will appeal to fans of the first two Dead Space games. The game places a heavy emphasis on horror elements, features tough battles against a range of enemies and bosses, takes place in uniquely designed locations, and is solely a single-player experience.


1. What is Callisto Protocol and how does it compare to Dead Space?

Callisto Protocol is an upcoming survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios. The game is set in the distant future on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto, where players must fight for survival against monstrous creatures. Many have compared Callisto Protocol to the Dead Space franchise due to the similar themes and gameplay mechanics. However, Callisto Protocol promises to take things to the next level with a greater emphasis on immersive storytelling and next-gen graphics.

2. Will Callisto Protocol be a direct competitor to Dead Space?

While Callisto Protocol and Dead Space share many similarities, it’s important to note that Callisto Protocol is not a direct competitor to Dead Space. Dead Space has been dormant since 2013, and many fans are eagerly anticipating a new entry in the franchise. Callisto Protocol, on the other hand, is a brand new IP that promises to deliver a fresh take on the survival horror genre.

3. What can we expect from Callisto Protocol that sets it apart from Dead Space?

One of the key things that sets Callisto Protocol apart from Dead Space is its focus on immersive storytelling. The game’s developers have stated that they want to create a world that feels alive and reactive to the player’s actions. Additionally, Callisto Protocol promises to deliver stunning next-gen graphics that will make the game feel more realistic and terrifying than ever before.

4. Will fans of Dead Space enjoy playing Callisto Protocol?

While it’s impossible to say for certain whether fans of Dead Space will enjoy Callisto Protocol, there’s a good chance that they will. Both games share many similarities, including a focus on survival horror, a futuristic setting, and terrifying monsters. However, Callisto Protocol promises to take things to the next level with its immersive storytelling and next-gen graphics, which could make it even more appealing to fans of the genre.

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