Guide to Gotham Knights: Kirk Langstrom mission

Kirk Langstrom is a supporting character in Gotham Knights, and the title of the first mission in the game, located in the Batman’s last case chapter. This page will provide a walkthrough on how to start the mission and complete it successfully.

This guide is specifically for the Kirk Langstrom mission in Gotham Knights. Here, you will find a detailed walkthrough for the quest, including how to find clues and use them to solve puzzles.

  • Getting Started
  • The First Puzzle – Langstrom’s Hidden Door
  • Bulldozer

Getting Started

The game begins by selecting a difficulty level from the four possible options. This determines the difficulty of opponents but does not affect rewards or completion of tasks. The difficulty level can be changed at any time in the game options. After the initial cut-scene, choose a hero to complete the first task. Don’t worry, the hero can be changed at any time outside of missions.

The first task is to go to the university and find the professor’s room, which is the second one on the left. Activate Augmented Reality (AR) [X/ d-pad down] to see the trail of clues on the floor.

The First Puzzle – Langstrom’s Hidden Door

After entering the laboratory and investigating the hidden mechanism in AR mode, you will start the first puzzle, which is a mini-game. Investigate the clues and combine the facts. The puzzle is relatively simple; you can input passwords of a certain length specified in the device descriptions on the right and get clues from objects on the left. However, only one device opens the hidden door. Combine the notebook with the microwave oven by marking them and clicking on Solve.

After obtaining the hard drive, leave the building and engage in combat for the first time. The basics of combat are the same for each hero, with differences in available equipment and gadgets. You can sneak up on opponents and take them down if they cannot see you (indicated by a black icon above their head). There are two methods of elimination: lethal takedown or incapacitation, both of which earn the same amount of XP. However, if you choose lethal takedown, you may attract the attention of nearby opponents.

During combat, activate Augmented Reality to receive information about opponents. This will help determine the best strategy and order of elimination. You will also learn if there is a stronger opponent among the standard ones.


The first boss encounter occurs after freeing the hostages. Remember to use medkits during combat; you have up to seven of them at the beginning of the battle (the number of available medkits is shown in the lower-left corner). To defeat armored opponents, attack them from behind or break their defense with heavy attacks, which are performed by holding down the attack button. It’s a good idea to attack immediately after getting behind your opponent.


1. Who is Kirk Langstrom in Gotham Knights?

Kirk Langstrom is a scientist who has a tragic past and transforms into a monstrous creature called Man-Bat. He is one of the villains in Gotham Knights and can be a difficult opponent to defeat.

2. What is the objective of the Kirk Langstrom mission in Gotham Knights?

The objective of the Kirk Langstrom mission in Gotham Knights is to stop him from creating more Man-Bats. He has been experimenting on himself and others to create an army of Man-Bats and it is up to the player to stop him.

3. What are the weaknesses of Kirk Langstrom in Gotham Knights?

Kirk Langstrom’s weakness in Gotham Knights is his vulnerability to electricity. The player can use gadgets such as the Shock Gloves to stun him and deal more damage.

4. How do you defeat Kirk Langstrom in Gotham Knights?

To defeat Kirk Langstrom in Gotham Knights, the player must first avoid his attacks and wait for an opening. Using gadgets such as the Shock Gloves and the Batarang can stun him and allow the player to deal more damage. It is also important to stay mobile and dodge his attacks.

5. Can Kirk Langstrom be redeemed in Gotham Knights?

It is possible for Kirk Langstrom to be redeemed in Gotham Knights, but it depends on the player’s choices. The player can choose to spare him and convince him to stop his experiments, or they can choose to defeat him and bring him to justice. The outcome of the mission and Kirk Langstrom’s fate will be determined by the player’s actions.

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