Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon – walkthrough

The final chapter of Gotham Knights is Chapter 8 – Head of the Demon. Here, you will face the League of Shadows and Man-Bats in a series of final boss battles.

On this page, we will guide you through the main missions of the Head of the Demon chapter in Gotham Knights. We will also provide tips for defeating the final bosses, Bruce and Talia al Ghul.

  • Dangerous Skies
  • The Lazarus Pit
  • Fight with Bruce Wayne
  • First fight with Talia
  • Second fight with Talia

Dangerous Skies

To start, examine the files in Belfry and go on patrol to eliminate the 3 targets. You can find their locations in the case files:

  1. Elliot Center (west of Belfra)
  2. Gotham City General Hospital (tallest building in West End)
  3. Waynetech (building far south of Gotham)

You will also need to defeat the League of Shadows warriors in each location. If you use up too many health packs, you can return to Belfry. Each fight takes place on the roofs, so use the grappling hook to jump onto higher floors.

The Lazarus Pit

Search the caves beneath the cemetery, but you only need to defeat the Man-Bat you encounter. Follow the corridors until you reach a huge hall where the final fights will begin.

Fight with Bruce Wayne

The first fight is with Bruce, who has several attacks, including teleportation, shooting from a distance, and attacking the ground with electroshocks. Avoid his four-step combo attacks and focus on perfect dodges to gain momentum. Be careful of his strong guard, charge each attack, and break his guard before using the momentum ability (unless it doesn’t require it). Avoid being close to walls and the water from Lazarus Pit, which damages you but not opponents.

First fight with Talia

Talia fights similarly to Bruce, with ranged attacks and 4x combos that are harder to dodge. She also teleports more and launches exploding missiles when you are nearby. Use ranged attacks and headshots if possible, and time your attacks carefully to avoid interruption or teleportation. Rely on perfect dodges after the last combo hit to gain momentum. There is no need to worry about the guard this time.

The Second Encounter with Talia

During the second battle with Talia, she wields a polearm that gives her a longer range of attack. Although the fight is more challenging and can deplete your health, it is easier for you to strike back. If Talia performs a combo, it’s better to jump to the sides instead of moving backward. While it may be difficult to gain momentum, it’s simpler to approach her after regular attacks and execute a combo of normal attacks (not charged), as charged attacks enable her to teleport.

When Talia is levitating to carry out a charged attack, you have ample time to shoot at her. However, you need to aim manually if the character isn’t targeting the boss.


1. What is Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon?

Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon is a new game from WB Games Montreal and DC Comics that takes place in the Batman universe. In the game, players take control of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood as they fight to save Gotham City from the clutches of the League of Assassins and their leader, Ra’s al Ghul. The game features a single-player story mode as well as cooperative multiplayer missions.

2. What are some tips for playing Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon?

One of the key strategies for playing Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon is to make use of each character’s unique abilities. Batgirl is a skilled hacker, Robin can use his staff to vault over obstacles, Nightwing is a master of acrobatics, and Red Hood is a lethal marksman. Players should also take advantage of the game’s RPG elements, which allow them to level up their characters and unlock new skills and abilities. Finally, communication is key in multiplayer missions, so players should work together to coordinate their attacks and defend against enemy assaults.

3. What are some of the challenges players will face in Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon?

Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon features a variety of challenges for players to overcome. The League of Assassins is a formidable foe, and players will face off against a variety of enemy types, including swordsmen, snipers, and heavy brutes. The game also features a number of boss battles against iconic Batman villains like Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls. Additionally, players will have to navigate a number of environmental hazards, such as electrified floors and collapsing buildings, as they explore Gotham City.

4. What sets Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon apart from other Batman games?

Gotham Knights: Head of the Demon features a number of unique elements that set it apart from other Batman games. For one, the game focuses on the four members of the Bat-family, allowing players to switch between characters on the fly and use their unique abilities to overcome challenges. Additionally, the game features an open-world Gotham City to explore, filled with side missions and hidden secrets. Finally, the game features a new story, set outside of the established Batman canon, which allows the developers to take the story in new and unexpected directions.

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