How to Enable Fast Travel in Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights provides a Fast Travel option for all heroes to navigate the city efficiently. To access this feature, you will have to speak with Lucius Fox and unlock fast travel points by hacking drones.

This page outlines the requirements to unlock fast travel in Gotham Knights and the procedure to hack drones to enable fast travel points.

You can explore Gotham Knights’ world in various ways: riding a motorcycle, leaping across rooftops with a grappling hook, or by completing the Knighthood challenge to unlock “flight” for your heroes. However, from the beginning of the game, you will have only one fast travel point available – your hideout, Belfry. But moving there will remove optional markers (crimes) from the map.

The actual fast travel option, which is free and has no side effects, becomes available after completing the first mission of Chapter 2: Aka Oswald Cobblepot. After the mission, speak with Lucius Fox, who will provide you with some information related to your quest.

You need to hack drones to unlock fast travel points. Once unlocked, the fast travel point remains active permanently and is accessible to each of the heroes.

Your task is to locate the drones in the designated area (up to three at most) and scan them from a short distance. Some drones are shielded and can only be scanned while in their docking station. Follow the drones or wait at the docking station to scan them. Scan all drones to unlock the fast travel point.


1. What is Fast Travel in Gotham Knights and how does it work?

Fast Travel is a feature in Gotham Knights that allows players to quickly travel to previously visited locations on the map without having to physically travel there. This is particularly useful for players who need to make multiple trips back and forth between different areas of the game world. To use Fast Travel, players must first unlock the feature by visiting certain points of interest on the map, such as the Batcave or the GCPD Headquarters. Once unlocked, the Fast Travel icon will appear on the map and players can simply select the location they wish to travel to and confirm their choice to instantly teleport there.

2. How do I unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights?

To unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights, players must first progress through the game’s main story missions until they reach the point where they gain access to the Batcave. Once inside the Batcave, players will need to locate and interact with the Batcomputer to initiate the unlocking process. This will require players to complete a brief mini-game in which they must hack into the Batcomputer’s security system by matching a series of symbols. Once the mini-game is completed, Fast Travel will be unlocked and players can start using the feature by selecting the Fast Travel icon on the game’s world map.

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