Gloomwood: Sneaky and Silent Elimination of Enemies

The game Gloomwood heavily relies on stealth and elimination mechanics. This guide provides tips on how to stay unnoticed and execute stealth attacks skillfully.

The guide emphasizes on the importance of stealth in Gloomwood and provides tips on how to sneak effectively. Also, it explains how to eliminate enemies quietly without raising an alarm.

  • Choosing between Stealth or Open Combat
  • Silent Elimination of Enemies
  • Preventing Detection
  • Enemy Alarm Levels

Choosing between Stealth or Open Combat

Gloomwood is not a typical stealth game, and therefore, staying hidden is not mandatory like in the Thief series. You don’t have to worry about getting detected as it won’t result in a complete failure. You can continue playing even after getting detected.

However, it is still recommended to use stealth to avoid losing health points. Directly attacking enemies can be dangerous, especially when they have firearms or when there are several enemies to defeat. Despite the emphasis on stealth, you don’t have to restart the game after every mistake because you can still survive a direct confrontation with enemies.

For more information, you can check out the Combat – is it mandatory? page in the FAQ chapter.

Silent Elimination of Enemies

There are two main assassination techniques that you can use to silently eliminate enemies in the early access version of Gloomwood.

The first technique is the Backstab, which is a unique attack that you can use after acquiring the Canesword in the first level (Croup’s Fishery). You can only use this attack on enemies who are not alerted, i.e., in the green or yellow state. To execute this attack, sneak up on the enemy from behind and hold down the left mouse button until the blade tip glows. Only then will the stab be strong enough to kill the guard.

The second technique involves The Undertaker Pistol, which is a secret weapon that you can obtain by looting a locked safe in Croup’s Fishery. We have described this in detail on a separate page (Croup’s Fishery Cave Safe) in our guide. This weapon allows you to fire shots without alerting everyone in the vicinity. However, the rounds are limited, and there are different types of them. The Incendiary Bolts are particularly useful during larger battles.

What should you do if you encounter a pair of opponents? You will come across two-man patrols on multiple occasions. There are two ways of proceeding:

The article provides tips on how to avoid detection in the game. The first tip is to distract one opponent with a throwable and perform a Backstab on the other opponent. To stay hidden, it is best to stay in the dark and avoid light sources. The hero’s ring can be used to detect when the player is detected. Players must plan their moves beforehand and find additional cover, such as sticking close to walls, to avoid detection. Leaning around corners is also a great way to look around, but it is not entirely safe. Auditory cues, such as listening to conversations, can also be used to avoid detection. Players must avoid making noise, as it can trigger enemy alarms. Interestingly, throwables can also be used as a distraction. The game allows players to use bottles to lure enemies away. Each guard in the game can be in one of three states.

The enemy in the game has three states: Green, Yellow, and Red. Green is when the enemy is standing still or patrolling, while Yellow means they have become alerted due to a disturbance. This causes them to investigate by quickly relocating and hiding again. Red indicates that you have been detected, and the enemy is actively trying to kill you. In this state, you can either run away or engage them in combat using a melee weapon or a firearm. However, it is recommended to fight only one guard at a time.


What is Gloomwood?

Gloomwood is a first-person stealth game that is set in a mysterious, Victorian-style city. Players must navigate through dimly lit alleyways and abandoned buildings, where they will encounter a variety of enemies. The game is designed to be played in a manner that emphasizes stealth and requires the player to remain undetected as they move through the game world. The game features a unique art style that is inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, and the soundtrack is equally eerie and atmospheric.

How do you eliminate opponents in Gloomwood?

In Gloomwood, players have a variety of tools at their disposal to eliminate opponents. These tools include a variety of melee weapons, such as knives and clubs, as well as firearms. Players must be careful when engaging in combat, as noise can attract the attention of nearby enemies. To remain undetected, players can use stealth to sneak up on enemies and take them out silently. The game also features a variety of traps, such as tripwires and mines, that can be used to eliminate enemies. Ultimately, the key to success in Gloomwood is to remain silent and undetected, and to use your surroundings to your advantage.

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