Gloomwood: How to Obtain Revolvers, Silenced Pistols, and Shotguns

Gloomwood offers various ranged weapons that players can use, including a revolver, a shotgun, and a harpoon rifle. This guide provides information on how to acquire different types of firearms. Additionally, it explains if the game allows players to use enemies’ weapons.

When obtaining a new weapon, make sure there is an available inventory slot. If the player character starts grunting, it could indicate that the inventory is full. To free up space, try to clear a few slots in a row. Larger weapons, like shotguns, require more free slots.

  • Revolver – Method One
  • Revolver – Method Two
  • Undertaker Pistol with a Silencer
  • Shotgun
  • Can Players Use Enemies’ Weapons?

Revolver – Method One

Players can find the revolver in multiple locations, and each revolver is identical. The first revolver can be found early in Croup’s Fishery. To obtain it, players must first solve the elevator puzzle to reach the Factory Floor of the village’s main building.

While exploring the new floor, players should find the inactive elevator shaft shown in the picture above. Use melee weapons to break the boards.

A chain hangs in the elevator shaft, which players can jump to and grab. Climb the chain to reach the Accounting Office.

The office has a safe, as shown in the picture above. Use the combination “363,” which players can find by turning off the light in the room.

Inside the safe, players will find a revolver and ammo, among other items.

Revolver – Method Two

The second revolver is in a more obvious location, at the end of the Croup’s Fishery journey. Players will reach a hut adjacent to the mine.

Players can find the key to open the hut on the wood stack next to it. They must eliminate the guard inside the hut or sneak past him.

The revolver is on the table next to the second Phonograph.

Undertaker Pistol with a Silencer

Players can obtain this well-hidden weapon in the Croup’s Fishery stage. After leaving the main building, players should cross the footbridges near the water. The cave shown in the picture above is adjacent to the main building. Players can swim to it.

The small cave contains a safe, as shown in the picture. The safe combination is “415.” Players can only find this code much later in the game, in the Coast Cliffside stage, when they find the note by the lighthouse. Entering the combination now allows players to use the pistol immediately.

The silenced pistol can be found in a safe and has the ability to use various types of ammunition such as Slug and Incendiary. Changing the ammunition type is done by pressing the C key.

During the Coast Cliffside stage, a shotgun can be acquired by taking one of the main paths which leads to the Slaughtered Goat tavern. The shotgun is on a table to the left of the tavern and requires 4 empty inventory slots to be assembled.

Enemies in the game also use firearms such as Hutsmans’ Rifles. Although you can pick up their weapons and add them to your inventory, they cannot be used due to their adaptation to the enemies’ deformed bodies.


What are the firearms available in Gloomwood?

Gloomwood offers a variety of firearms to choose from. Players can get their hands on a revolver, a silenced pistol, a shotgun, and more. Each weapon has its own unique features and capabilities, so it’s important to choose the right one for your playstyle.

How do I get a revolver in Gloomwood?

To get a revolver in Gloomwood, players must first find the key to the armory. The key can be found in a hidden room behind a bookcase in the library. Once the key is obtained, players can unlock the armory and grab the revolver. The revolver is a powerful weapon with high damage and accuracy, making it a great choice for taking out enemies from a distance.

How do I get a silenced pistol and a shotgun in Gloomwood?

To get a silenced pistol in Gloomwood, players must first complete the “Assassination” mission. This mission can be found on the second floor of the mansion. Once completed, players will be rewarded with the silenced pistol. The silenced pistol is perfect for taking out enemies quietly without alerting others.

To get a shotgun in Gloomwood, players must first find the key to the shed. The key can be found in the attic of the mansion. Once the key is obtained, players can unlock the shed and grab the shotgun. The shotgun is a powerful close-range weapon that can take out multiple enemies at once.

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