How to Get Revolver, Pistol, and Shotgun Ammo in Gloomwood?

In Gloomwood, firearms require ammunition to function. This guide will assist you in obtaining ammunition for the Revolver, Undertaker Pistol, and Shotgun.

One of the most critical types of supplies in Gloomwood is ammunition for your weapons. This guide page will show you how and where to obtain ammo, allowing you to use firearms such as revolvers, shotguns, and silenced pistols.

  • Ammo as loot
  • Ammo boxes
  • Unloading weapons

Ammo as Loot

The most apparent way to obtain ammo is to find it in various locations throughout the levels. Ammo may be found on the ground, shelves, or tables. To get as much of it as possible, make sure to thoroughly explore the visited locations.

Ammo is stacked in your inventory according to type, but the maximum amount of ammo occupying a single inventory slot is limited.

Ammo Boxes

Finding red boxes is a guaranteed way to obtain ammo. To obtain their contents, smash them with a melee weapon. Most of the time, the boxes will break after two hits, and you can take the ammo stored inside them.

Unloading Weapons

If you find a second weapon of the same type, you can unload it in the inventory to scavenge the ammo it contains. Once you have done so, you can remove the weapon from your inventory.


1. Where can I find ammo for the revolver in Gloomwood?

You can find revolver ammo in various locations throughout Gloomwood. Keep an eye out for crates, cabinets, and other storage containers that may contain ammo. You can also try searching the bodies of enemies you have defeated as they may be carrying ammo.

2. How do I obtain pistol ammo in Gloomwood?

You can find pistol ammo by searching the same locations as revolver ammo. However, pistol ammo is more commonly found than revolver ammo in Gloomwood. Make sure to search every nook and cranny to maximize your chances of finding it. Additionally, you can purchase pistol ammo from merchants in the game.

3. What is the best way to obtain shotgun ammo in Gloomwood?

Shotgun ammo is the rarest of the three types of ammunition in Gloomwood. You can find it in certain locations throughout the game, but it is not as common as revolver and pistol ammo. The best way to obtain shotgun ammo is by defeating enemies that carry shotguns. They often drop a few rounds of ammo when killed.

4. Can I craft ammo in Gloomwood?

No, there is no crafting system in Gloomwood that allows you to create ammo. You must rely on finding it in the game or purchasing it from merchants.

5. How much ammo can I carry in Gloomwood?

You can carry a maximum of 200 rounds of revolver and pistol ammo, and 30 rounds of shotgun ammo. It is important to manage your ammo carefully and make sure to pick up any ammo you find to ensure you have enough for upcoming battles.

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