Cult of the Lamb: How to Fish?

If you’re playing Cult of the Lamb, then fishing is one of the activities you can engage in. This guide will provide you with tips on how to effectively hunt sea creatures using fishing mechanics.

This page contains useful information about fishing, including where to cast your rod, the types of creatures you can catch, and how to improve your fishing skills.

  • How to unlock fishing?
  • The rules of fishing
  • List of all fish

How to Unlock Fishing?

While on your initial crusades in the Darkwood region, you’ll come across a character called the Fisherman. He will show you the location of Pillgrim’s Passage on the map. You’ll be able to access this area as soon as you complete the expedition where you met the Fisherman.

The Rules of Fishing

Once you’re at Pillgrim’s Passage, head to the lake where the Fisherman is located. Approach the hunting point to the left of the Fisherman.

To catch a fish, you need to:

  1. Cast your rod – When you activate the fishery, a bar will appear on the screen showing the distance you can cast. Place the pointer where you want to cast (lower placement means farther distance).
  2. Wait – Nearby fish will see the bait and eventually one will take the bait.
  3. Pull out the fish – Your task now is to keep the hook icon within the green box on the bar using the appropriate button (left mouse button on PC, A on Xbox, cross on PS). It usually takes only a few seconds to successfully catch a fish.

List of All Fish

There are three groups of catchable creatures, represented by shadows visible on the water. Keep in mind that different fish have different chances of appearing.

  1. Small – Minnows
  2. Medium – Blowfish, Salmon
  3. Large – Squid, Crab, Tuna, Octopus, Swordfish, Lobster

To increase your chances of catching rare species, perform the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty. You can unlock the rite with a doctrine in the Sustenance section of the third level. The ritual also doubles the number of creatures caught.


1. What do I need to start fishing in Cult of the Lamb?

To start fishing in Cult of the Lamb, you will need a fishing rod. You can purchase one from the fisherman NPC in the main hub area. Once you have a fishing rod, you will also need bait. You can buy bait from the same NPC or find it in the environment by breaking barrels and crates. Once you have your fishing rod and bait, you are ready to start fishing!

2. How do I actually fish in Cult of the Lamb?

To fish in Cult of the Lamb, you need to find a body of water. There are various bodies of water scattered throughout the game’s different areas. Once you have found a spot to fish, equip your fishing rod and stand near the water. Press the interact button to cast your line. You will see a meter appear on the screen with a green area. Try to keep the meter inside the green area to increase your chances of catching a fish. When a fish bites, press the interact button again to start reeling it in. Be careful not to let the tension meter get too high or your line will break!

3. What can I do with the fish I catch in Cult of the Lamb?

The fish you catch in Cult of the Lamb can be used in a variety of ways. Some fish can be cooked and eaten to restore health. Others can be used as ingredients in different recipes to create potions and other items. You can also sell your fish to the fisherman NPC for gold. Additionally, there are certain quests and objectives that require you to catch specific types of fish, so keep an eye out for those opportunities!

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