Sons of the Forest: Managing Stamina

In Sons of The Forest, it is crucial to manage your energy levels for all activities. This guide will teach you how to regenerate energy and what affects your maximum energy levels.

Stamina is just as important as your health bar. Without it, you won’t be able to do much, such as fight or chop down trees. A character who is low on stamina will be an easy target for cannibals and mutants.

  • What depletes stamina?
  • How to restore stamina?

What depletes stamina?

Running, fighting, and chopping down trees deplete your energy bar. Over time, your maximum level decreases, resulting in your character needing more frequent breaks, moving slower, and breathing deeper. There are various ways to reset your rest level.

How to restore stamina?

The quickest way to recover is by drinking an Energy Drink. This potion replenishes your entire stamina bar and restores a large part of your rest (moon icon). However, Energy Drinks are a limited resource on the island and are only available in a few locations. Therefore, it is best to use them sparingly.

Sleeping is another way to rest and refill your energy bar. You can sleep in shelters you built, tents you find on the map, or using a bed. While you sleep, your hunger and thirst levels decrease. However, you cannot sleep if cannibals are nearby. In this case, it’s best to use another method to restore stamina or eliminate all enemies near the shelter.

You can also create an Energy Mix to restore your stamina. To make it, you will need one Chicory and one Arrowleaf. The Energy Mix provides the same benefits as an Energy Drink, but the effect is smaller.

Drinking river water or water from a 3d-printed flask is also an effective way to restore stamina. Drinking water several times will replenish your entire stamina bar, and there are no negative effects of doing so in the early access version.


What is stamina in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, stamina is a crucial gameplay mechanic that determines how much energy your character has to perform actions such as running, jumping, and attacking. If your stamina bar runs out, your character will become exhausted and won’t be able to perform any actions until it replenishes. Stamina management is essential for survival in the game, as you’ll need to carefully ration your energy to traverse dangerous environments and fight off enemies.

How do I increase my stamina in Sons of the Forest?

To increase your stamina in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need to find and consume food items such as berries, mushrooms, and meat. These items will restore a portion of your stamina bar, allowing you to continue performing actions. Additionally, some equipment and upgrades in the game may also increase your maximum stamina, allowing you to perform more actions before becoming exhausted.

What happens if I run out of stamina in Sons of the Forest?

If you run out of stamina in Sons of the Forest, your character will become exhausted and won’t be able to perform any actions until it replenishes. This can be dangerous in certain situations, such as when you’re being chased by enemies or trying to navigate through hazardous environments. It’s important to keep an eye on your stamina bar and manage it carefully to avoid getting caught in a potentially deadly situation.

Can I upgrade my stamina in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, you can upgrade your stamina in Sons of the Forest by finding and crafting certain items or by purchasing upgrades from the in-game shop. Some upgrades may increase your maximum stamina, while others may reduce the amount of stamina you use when performing certain actions. Upgrading your stamina can be a great way to improve your survival chances in the game, especially if you plan on undertaking more challenging missions or facing tougher enemies.

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