The Witcher Monster Slayer: A Joint Venture – walkthrough

This page provides a guide and walkthrough for the third quest in The Witcher Monster Slayer game, called A Joint Venture. The quest rewards 60 gold coins and involves finding a treasure.

  • Map
  • Monolith
  • An Offering for the Gargoyle King
  • Fighting the King
  • Figurine


To begin the quest, examine the secret treasure map found in your inventory and quest description. Follow the map to reach the location where the quest continues.


Upon reaching the destination, you will come across a stone monolith with four walls covered in runes. Click on the runes in the correct order (2, 1, 3, 4) to read the inscriptions.

An Offering for the Gargoyle King

After reading the inscription, three points will appear on the map: Crown, Heart, and Sword. Choose the Heart and obtain the artifact.

Fighting the King

Take the Heart artifact to the Gargoyle. The enemy’s level of difficulty is medium, so use the Swift potion and Elemental Oil to fight effectively.


Your treasure is an elven figurine. Bring it to a researcher interested in handmade items to begin the next quest.


What is The Witcher Monster Slayer: A Joint Venture?

The Witcher Monster Slayer: A Joint Venture is an augmented reality game developed by Spokko and published by CD Projekt. It allows players to become monster hunters in the world of The Witcher, using their mobile devices to track and defeat various creatures. The game is set before the events of The Witcher series, and players take on the role of a newly trained witcher who must complete contracts and gain experience to become a master hunter.

What are some tips for playing The Witcher Monster Slayer: A Joint Venture?

One important tip for playing The Witcher Monster Slayer: A Joint Venture is to pay attention to your surroundings. The game uses augmented reality technology to place monsters in the real world, so it’s important to stay aware of your surroundings while playing. Additionally, players should focus on completing contracts and gaining experience to level up their characters and unlock new abilities. It’s also important to keep an eye on your health and inventory, as well as to use the right weapons and signs to defeat different types of monsters. Finally, players should always be on the lookout for new contracts and challenges to keep the game exciting and engaging.

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