The Witcher Monster Slayer: Guide and Walkthrough for What Lurks in the Nemeta

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough for “What Lurks in the Nemeta” quest in The Witcher Monster Slayer game. Completing this quest will give you 250XP and 100 gold coins as rewards.

  • How to Unlock
  • Walkthrough and Issues
  • Replaying the Quest

How to Unlock

You can access the “Sword in the Stone” quest only after finishing the first four quests – “Final Exam,” “Winged Bandit,” “A Joint Venture,” and “Good Money.” After completing them, several quests will appear on the map, and you need to approach each of them to get the quests in your journal.

Walkthrough and Issues

You will come across this quest near a Nemeton where you’ll find the body and journal of a man who was exploring the area. The notes mention that his friend will be waiting at a specific location at sunset, and you’ll need to plan accordingly to complete the quest.

You can determine the timing for dawn or dusk by searching on Google using terms like “dusk [date] [location of interest].” Try to complete the quest within a 20-30 minute window before or after the specified time. However, if you leave this quest for later and do something else, you may find it marked as completed when you check your journal.

If you’re uncomfortable going out after dark, you can change the location or time on your phone, but it’s not a guaranteed method.

Replaying the Quest

Unfortunately, you cannot replay this quest. If you don’t succeed in completing it in time, you won’t be able to access it again, and you’ll miss out on the rewards.


What is The Witcher Monster Slayer?

The Witcher Monster Slayer is an augmented reality mobile game that allows players to become Witchers and hunt down monsters in the real world. The game uses GPS to track the player’s location and places monsters in the real world for them to hunt. Players can use a variety of weapons and potions to take down monsters, and as they progress through the game they can level up their character and unlock new abilities.

What are the Nemeta in The Witcher Monster Slayer?

The Nemeta are a group of powerful monsters that lurk in the game’s world. They are considered to be some of the toughest challenges in the game, and require a lot of skill and preparation to take down. Each Nemeta has its own unique abilities and weaknesses, so players will need to research and plan their strategy before attempting to take them on. Defeating a Nemeta will reward players with rare loot and experience points.

How do you beat the Nemeta in The Witcher Monster Slayer?

Beating the Nemeta in The Witcher Monster Slayer requires careful planning and preparation. Players should research the monster’s abilities and weaknesses before attempting to fight it, and make sure they have the right weapons and potions for the job. Players should also make sure they are at the appropriate level and have unlocked the necessary abilities to take on the Nemeta. During the fight, players should be careful to dodge the monster’s attacks and use their own abilities to deal damage. With enough skill and preparation, players can take down even the toughest of Nemeta and earn valuable rewards.

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