Tosa Shops and Restaurants in Like a Dragon Ishin

This guide page provides a list of the restaurants and stores located in Tosa during the first chapter of Like a Dragon Ishin. It includes information about the specialties of the stores and the food and items available for purchase.

In Like a Dragon Ishin, Tosa is a location that can be visited during chapter 1. This guide page provides a comprehensive list of all the shops and restaurants located in Tosa. It also includes the exact location of each establishment and the goods, drinks, and meals they offer.

Yoshida Toyo must be met before visiting any of the listed shops and restaurants. This occurs after reaching the main district of the city and winning the first fight.

  • Hama Tea Parlor
  • Yoi-Yoi
  • Uomi Fish Market
  • Chitose Provisions

Hama Tea Parlor

Location: Southwest Tosa

Map Link: Hama Tea Parlor

Type: Restaurant


  1. Chestnut Manju
  2. Kuzukiri
  3. Whole Mackerel Sushi


Location: Southeast Tosa

Map Link: Yoi-Yoi

Type: Restaurant


  1. Tosa Sake
  2. Chestnut Shochu
  3. Katsuo Tataki
  4. Platter Dish
  5. Thieves’ Porridge
  6. Pickled Eggplant

Uomi Fish Market

Location: South Tosa

Map Link: Uomi Fish Market

Type: Shop


  1. Sweetfish
  2. Sea Bream
  3. Squid
  4. Common Octopus

Chitose Provisions

Location: South Tosa

Map Link: Chitose Provisions

Type: Shop


  1. Ointment – Regenerates a small part of the health bar
  2. Dried Rice
  3. Nigrimeshi
  4. Doburoku


1. What types of shops and restaurants can be found in Tosa in Like a Dragon Ishin?

In Like a Dragon Ishin, Tosa is a bustling city filled with various types of shops and restaurants. Players can explore the city’s streets and find everything from traditional Japanese tea houses and noodle shops to Western-style cafes and bars. There are also shops selling clothing, weapons, and other items for players to purchase and upgrade their character.

2. What are some of the unique dishes available in Tosa’s restaurants?

Tosa is known for its unique cuisine, and players can try out some of the city’s specialties in the game’s restaurants. One popular dish is katsuo tataki, which consists of lightly seared bonito fish served with soy sauce and ginger. Another dish is Tosa-style chicken, which is marinated in soy sauce, sake, and mirin and served with rice. For those with a sweet tooth, there are also shops selling traditional Japanese sweets, such as mochi and anmitsu.

3. How important are shops and restaurants in Like a Dragon Ishin?

Shops and restaurants play a crucial role in Like a Dragon Ishin, as they provide players with items, equipment, and food to help them progress through the game. By visiting shops, players can purchase new weapons and armor, upgrade their abilities, and even recruit new party members. Meanwhile, restaurants provide players with a place to rest and restore their health, as well as try out different dishes and earn bonuses for their characters. Overall, shops and restaurants are an integral part of the game’s world-building and gameplay mechanics.

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