Warzone 2: DMZ Key map

If you don’t have a key, there are many buildings in DMZ mode that you won’t be able to enter. This guide page for Warzone 2 will inform you about all the locations that require a key.

The map in Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is no different than the typical Al Mazrah in the battle royale mode. However, it has additional activities, tasks, and rooms that can only be accessed with a key. This guide page highlights all the locations that require a key.

  • What is the purpose of keys?
  • How can you obtain keys?
  • Places that require a key

What is the purpose of keys?

Keys can unlock locked rooms or chests, of which there are numerous in DMZ. By using a key that matches the specific building or chest, you can unlock them to obtain rewards, such as random weapons, money, sellable items, and more.

How can you obtain keys?

Most keys are random drops from killed soldiers. However, there is a method to obtain a guaranteed key. To obtain a key, accept a HVT mission – High Value Target. After killing the target, you can always obtain a building key from them.

Places that require a key

  1. #1. Taraq Smugglers Office
  2. #2. Taraq River Supply Shack
  3. #3. Special Forces Deaddrop
  4. #4. Ch 7 Secure Records
  5. #5. Ch 7 Editorial Department
  6. #6. Rohan Oil North Guard Shack
  7. #7. Rohan Control Room Locker
  8. #8. Rohan Oil South Guard Shack
  9. #9. Canal Apartment 10
  10. #10. North Canals Info Booth
  11. #11. Algae Covered Toolbox
  12. #12. Yum Yum Burger Back Room
  13. #13. Police Academy Server Admin
  14. #14. Police Academy Locker Room
  15. #15. Crane Control Room
  16. #16. Quarry Worker’s Lost Toolbox
  17. #17. Kushaak Construction Warehouse
  18. #18. Al-Safwa Stone Block Office
  19. #19. Hydra Island Computer
  20. #20. Weapons Repair Kit
  21. #21. Mawizeh Cell Shop
  22. #22. Mawizeh Slum Discarded Cache
  23. #23. Under Freeway East Warehouse
  24. #24. Cavern Boat Dock Shack
  25. #25. Ahmed Grocery Store Office
  26. #26. Far South Eastern Storage Closet
  27. #27. Zaya Radar Dome
  28. #28. Scientist’s Locker
  29. #29. Central Zaya Meeting Room
  30. #30. Mountaintop Spotter Shack
  31. #31. IHTAQ Warehouse Supply Room
  32. #32. Hafid Ship Bridge Cache
  33. #33. Hafid Ship First Mate Cache
  34. #34. Longshoreman’s Duffel Bag
  35. #35. Central Sa’Id Top Floor APT
  36. #36. South Zaya Scientist APT
  37. #37. South Bank Apartment
  38. #38. B.C. Toolbox
  39. #39. Airport Maintenance
  40. #40. Traveler’s Luggage
  41. #41. Clock Repair Tools
  42. #42. Caretaker’s House
  43. #43. Power Substation Toolbox
  44. #44. Bank of Adal 2nd / TS Office
  45. #45. Sawah Hotel Room 302/303
  46. #46. Groundskeeping Building
  47. #47. Old Lighthouse Citadel Room
  48. #48. Captain’s Cache
  49. #49. Deckhand’s Toolbox
  50. #50. Al Bagra Munitions Storeroom
  51. #51. Al Bagra Fortress Antiquities
  52. #52. Al Bagra Barrack
  53. #53. South Al Bagra TF Bedroom
  54. #54. Al Bagra Officers Quarters


1. What is Warzone 2: DMZ Key map?

Warzone 2: DMZ Key map is a popular multiplayer map in the first-person shooter video game Call of Duty: Warzone. It is set in a demilitarized zone in Korea, and players are divided into two teams: one defending the key location, while the other tries to capture it.

2. How do I play on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map?

To play on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map, you need to have Call of Duty: Warzone installed on your gaming platform. Then, you can select the map from the available options in the multiplayer mode. Once you enter the game, you can choose to join either the attacking or defending team.

3. What are some strategies for winning on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map?

One effective strategy for winning on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map is to coordinate with your team and communicate constantly. The defending team should focus on protecting the key location and setting up defensive structures, while the attacking team should try to flank and distract the defenders. It’s also important to use the terrain to your advantage, such as hiding behind cover and using elevation to gain a better vantage point.

4. Are there any tips for improving my gameplay on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map?

Some tips for improving your gameplay on Warzone 2: DMZ Key map include practicing your aim and movement skills, trying out different loadouts and weapons, and paying attention to the mini-map to stay aware of enemy movements. It’s also helpful to learn the layout of the map and study the different routes and chokepoints. And, as always, don’t forget to play as a team and communicate effectively!

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