What does Mari’s Secret Shop offer in Lost Ark?

In this guide, you will discover the range of products available at Mari’s Secret Shop in Lost Ark and how to access them.

This guide provides a brief overview of Mari’s Secret Shop and its offerings in Lost Ark.

Mari’s Secret Shop is a separate section of the game’s store that offers daily deals. If you don’t like making in-game purchases with real money, you don’t have to worry, because at Mari’s Secret Shop, all items can be purchased with blue crystals. You can purchase these crystals with gold at the prevailing exchange rate on the server/region of your choice. However, prices can be high, with around 1000 gold for 100 crystals, making it more suitable for endgame content.

Important note: by using the arrows above a given offer, you can go back a few weeks to check out (and buy) items from previous sales.

So, what can you get at Mari’s Secret Shop?

  1. Una’s Task 1 – an extra Daily task in Una’s Task, which speeds up progress and increases points to earn Una’s Tokens,
  2. Life Energy Potion – Adds energy that allows you to work longer in resource extraction. This item is not normally available in the store.
  3. Rapport Chests – avoid these, because you can easily get them for other in-game activities, and from numerous merchants.
  4. Healing potions, cards, and Honing stones – these are also common items, but you may need them at any given time.
  5. Guild Honor Banner – it can significantly improve the guild’s expansion.

You can also find many Honing items for Tier 3 here.


What is Mari’s Secret Shop in Lost Ark?

Mari’s Secret Shop is a special shop in the game Lost Ark that appears randomly in different locations. It is run by an NPC named Mari and offers various rare and unique items such as costumes, mounts, and even legendary gear. To access the shop, players need to find Mari’s hidden location by solving puzzles or defeating certain monsters.

What kind of items can I find in Mari’s Secret Shop?

Mari’s Secret Shop offers a wide range of items that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Some of the popular items include costumes that change the appearance of your character, mounts that increase your movement speed, and even legendary gear that provides powerful bonuses. The items available in the shop change frequently, so players need to keep checking back to see what new items Mari has in stock.

How do I purchase items from Mari’s Secret Shop?

Players can purchase items from Mari’s Secret Shop using a special currency called Mari’s Coin, which can be obtained by completing specific quests or by exchanging gold or other items. Each item in the shop has a different price, and some of the rarer items can be quite expensive. Once players have enough Mari’s Coins, they can simply click on the item they want to buy, and it will be added to their inventory.

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