Witcher Monster Slayer: Combat Guide – How to Keep Yourself Healthy

Fighting is a major part of The Witcher Monster Slayer, but it can be difficult when enemies deal heavy damage to your vitality. This guide will show you how to stay healthy during combat and how to regenerate your vitality if possible.

  • Healing during combat
  • Vitality-boosting potions

Healing during combat

Unfortunately, The Witcher Monster Slayer doesn’t allow for health regeneration during combat. There are no potions or signs that can heal you mid-battle. You must rely on your sword, bombs, and signs to defeat enemies. Potions and oils must be selected before combat and can’t be used once the fight has begun.

Vitality-boosting potions

While vitality can’t be regenerated during combat, there are potions that can help:

  1. Swallow – regenerates 1% of vitality per second;
  2. Swift – increases maximum vitality by 50%.

Swift is particularly useful when fighting strong opponents as it gives you a significant advantage early in the fight.


1. How does health regeneration work in Witcher Monster Slayer?

In Witcher Monster Slayer, health regeneration occurs automatically over time, but at a very slow rate. The player can also use certain potions or abilities to speed up the regeneration process. Additionally, meditating at a signpost will fully restore the player’s health, but can only be done once per day.

2. Are there any items or abilities that can be used to heal during combat?

Yes, there are a number of items and abilities that can be used to heal during combat. The Swallow potion is a popular choice, as it restores health over time. The player can also use the Quen sign to create a shield that absorbs damage, or the Axii sign to stun enemies and give the player time to heal.

3. Is it possible to die during combat in Witcher Monster Slayer?

Yes, it is possible to die during combat in Witcher Monster Slayer. If the player’s health reaches zero, they will be defeated and will need to start the encounter over. However, the player can also choose to flee from combat if they are struggling, and can return to the encounter later.

4. Can the player upgrade their health in Witcher Monster Slayer?

Yes, the player can upgrade their health by spending skill points in the Character menu. There are a number of skills that increase the player’s maximum health, as well as skills that make health regeneration faster or more effective.

5. Are there any monsters that are particularly difficult to defeat in terms of health regeneration?

Some monsters in Witcher Monster Slayer have particularly fast health regeneration, making them more challenging to defeat. Examples include werewolves, wraiths, and trolls. To defeat these monsters, the player may need to use tactics such as stunning them with the Axii sign, or using bombs and oils to deal extra damage.

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